Professional CIA Agents

First thing is first, It doesn’t matter what I write here, located on busy internet, I had a week without a visitor, I would have been happy to make it a month.

Considering militant activity such as creation of Taliban –Direct involvement of USA , spread of maoists – direct involvement of North American organizations, though it may be too much for a “capitalist” ,  Let us accept that we are not talking about some saints. Reading little bit of bias and incompetency in CIA is like pudding on the cake.

To quote, The novelist Charles McCarry was a deep cover CIA operative for ten years. “I never met a stupid person in the agency,” he said in a 2004 interview. “Or an assassin. Or a Republican.”

The CIA was not assasins, but it did matter for taliban was not created to meditate upon the cosmos, or to defend the innocents. So do the maoists, who were supported by so called NGOs based in North America and elsewhere. If a republican doesn’t mean biased, then this organization had biased environment towards left, asides being nationalist, as one would expect obviously.

If one wishes to have a question one whether there were active and activist CIA agents in India,  it wouln’t be negated by the observation elsewhere that the maoists have better relationship with many  christian churches. Many of the  Indian christian leadership that became prominent in 2000s rely on   liberation theology, rather than nationalism. Atleast one prominent among  them were sacked by the church from a reputed institute for taking liberation ideas of race etc  into church, in addition to applying it upon others.


Jagdish Bhagwati caught by Mark Steyn

Fascination of educational degrees had left me since decades, but I admit, I would have considered privileged to work with Mr Jagdish Bhagwati – either as an asst or a research scholar…Until I read this expose by Mark Steyn.

I have read about the finest arguments of Mr Jagadish Bhagawati, I have a book authored by him, It is excellent and courageous. I have read his opinions in Indian news papers, his critiques of cheap shout and tragedy literature being passed as economic policies. Mr Bhagwati was a critique of socialism in Neheruvian days and he was shunted out.

What is Mr Bhagwati doing here ?

“This is presumably the same Jagdish Bhagwati who reassured a Toronto audience last year that he was endorsing Mr. Obama despite the senator’s anti-North American Free Trade Agreement, anti-free trade rhetoric because he didn’t think Mr. Obama really believed it. ”

Mr Bhagwati usually argues for some form of free trade, Mr Obama didn’t support that position very much compared to other candidates. Why did he endorse him ? His economics logic  goes psychological : “ he didn’t think Mr. Obama really believed it“.

I am less concerned on free trade, but when a respected economist goes pshycological, argues on faith and believe then it is time to think.  I think the intellectuals of relevance have become a class of Have’s with access to NY Times and such, and then their are million others .  It might very well be that it is the class of Bhagawati that required him for this endorsement .Politically it doesn’t matter, but those who respected Mr Bhagawati as a possible voice of  independent reason needs to find new source of independent reason or be skeptical.

Economics as a prostitute

Economics – If you have arguments you could use it.

State control was economy in India in the Neheruvian era. In many ways,  the controlled people may have been screwed up  more than the imperialists screwed India.  The economists who supported it are modern day heroes and politicians and greatest Indians.

I am not sure what is happening with the economics nobel prize, a respected magazine implied this was awarded  as endorsement of  political position. One of the recent nobel laurates had harsh words to say on language of mathematics to understand economics, he depended on the intution. How does the mundane interpret it ?

A 40-Year Wish List

You won’t believe what’s in that stimulus bill.

That is the headline of that article.  The spending is supposed to be for job creation. We have such programs in India, they make societies little more dysfunctional where everybody wants to be a political tout, there is too much money there.

we’d expect about a dozen ttacks on jews

The police expects a dozen  anti-semitic attacks on jews in bretain, however it has become 50.

Imagine this is happening to some other religions….

Hundreds of incidents in europe where jews are attacked , some while getting into the their apts.

The church seems to be powerful!

Swami Laxmananda Saraswati did everything that was dear to the left and Gandhians, humanitarians et al…he worked among the tribals for decades . He was attacked by local christians before, and then was finally massacred in his ashram. No arrests so far.

A “society” representing christian converts/church  meanwhile are winning media battle with vague law suits everyday, and getting frontpage news. One news was “provide security or quit”. When swamiji was threatened he was hiding here and there, I couldn’t have imagined such a strong media statement against the church. How is that some court cases are getting cleared so fast, and some stays far longer?

Now they have filed defamation suits….everyday church have been defaming hindus since british ruled, they need slander for conversion, how else they convert without some slander ? Swamiji was attacked by goons who could have entirely persuaded by the church to respect him. Senior church and christian leaders are accused and suspected to eliminate swami Laxmananda. A team of christians got with AK-47 and massacred him, there is reportedly even a split among the maoists on religious lines. The suspected christian leaders are meanwhile sheltered under sonia Gandhi, the center is extra sensitive to christian missionary demand. And now this defamation suit…They seem to know threads of imperialism.

Far Eastern article: Destructive and highly biased !!

I have posted their coverage of Mumbai blasts on devotion to find the root cause of terrorism in hindus. They blamed the militants and the possibility of hindu terrorists. Now in this article, there is even no mention of Swami Laxmananda massacre, not mention of a single bullet fired at him, which is widely suspected to be carried out by involvement of high ranking church officials.

As clear from the article, the part that church has colluded with the criminals is whitewashed. They talk big, but one observes, it is a big institution to cover up crimes such as massacre of Swami Laxmanananda, Large scale assault on civilizational structures .

Following are two posts on Swami Laxmanananda Massacre.…etikala-churchswami-laxmanananda-massacre-resolution-of-betikala-church/

Here is an news item that discusses planning by big shots, though it is not John Dayal.

The author of fer is from Harvard university, a leftist. The influence of this article could potentially be high, this guy leads Harvard university anti-darfur activism . Harvard had few christian supporters who controlled the hinduism studies. They have thrown every decorum out to regain the control of hinduism study just as Monier Williams of Oxford did it in colonial age.

Happy Mitrotsavam

Considering my discomfort at slanderous ways of organized church, and its multi billion dollar world destruction( conversion) agenda, I was happy to find Mitrotsavam. Many acknowledge pagan origins of Mitrotsavam. Happy Mitrotsavam .