A Pervert thinks his father was perverted by Satan

Well, even pagan religions have some elements of original truth even though that original truth may have been perverted by Satan (the Devil). Satan is a copy cat.

The above by Mr Rangarajan, at the age of 14, he was ambitious enough to dissociate from love he got from his childhood milieu , the fascination of powerful and informed people of church was enough for him to put a public covering on his childhood ideas .The new identity required him to declare that:- “ he received the Lord Jesus Christand that straight “into his heart” . This is a time, when powerful Madras church was engaged in gaining political influence and converts…by slandering and assaulting the hindus through stories of race and skull measurement .

Here, A 14 year old child receive something called “christ”, that into something called a “Heart” ? Does this actually mean a 14 year old was brainwashed by the church as one more prize of conversion ? Did his heart actually receive rather the condescension of wealthy , Did his heart receive aspiration of closeness to west and white ? Was he inspired by a new community…Ranganathan doesn’t say all these changes…

Years later Ranganathan does BA in Bob Zones, USA, probably goes through Christian heirachy and vast properties and influence they possess…and then he probably copies concepts from his fathers religion to give explanation to church going public …stuff his father may have explained him in his childhood . But he copies concepts without any grace, he says “pagan religions have some elements of original truth ” and goes on to add Satan is a copy cat” … probably correctly.

Days are gone when Max Mueller got racism into India using the imperial power…Now Ranganathan is using “new age” ( call it pagan) doctrine in attempting to re-explain Christianity to its global population …. Instead of the historical jesus of rationality..he is trying to explain the trinity….

Even though the word “Trinity” is not found in the Bible the meaning is there in Scripture. Just because a word is not found in Scripture doesn’t mean the meaning of that word is not there. For example, the word “theocracy” is not found in Scripture but its meaning exists in Scripture since Israel in the Old Testament was a theocracy which means a nation ruled by God.

So Bible doesn’t say anything about Trinity…and this guy compares this grand omission to ommission of a political word theocracy….! Ranganathan doesn’t say what he learnt in his childhood though…

The Bible teaches that the Devil is a master at such tactics. The pure, unperverted, and uncorrupted truth of the Trinity, however, is found only in the Christian Scriptures.“- Churchians are happy when Ranganathan provides them hatredness to worship…He implies The hindu is work of Satan….

  • But could the church instead be Satanic ?

Could the church be devil, a bunch of controlling authorities appropriating gods of Rome, and could this concept of trinity was as popular in pre-christian era as it is in hinduism ?

  • Could the trinity explanation Ranganathan giving copied from Hinduism ? Something he had in his mind until age of 14 ? Through culture of his parents and grand parents ? Are there other related questions, that he would copy again in future ….
  • Ranganathan says Christ is eternal…But in 19th century europe christ was historical…the universe started around 4000BCE, they had these issues of millenniums…A top european,top western/modern philosopher… who knew logical arguments and probably some practices of hinduism, had raised the idea of eternity in 19th century …which was opposed by the then Germans.

Could Ranganathan be copying the “new-age” explanations of Bible ? he says “Devil is a master at such tactics”

  • Historical in Christian time range of the universe was starting from 4000BCE( Hindus had age of the universe in 12 or 14 digit number) . The colonial Indian story of races, usually start from an Aryan invasion theory of 1000 BCE. Western influenced sickular historians ridicules the hindu description of an older civilization, where Mahabharat was dated to approx 3000BCE, because they stuck to the colonial description. Hinduism was described through biblical races. The end or apocalypse(?) was anticipated at millenniums ? Therefore Such ideas as eternity of time, was opposed by 19th century Europeans, the time when it was proposed..

    Ranganathan may not have gone through all these fraud of so called conversion, if 19th century christians could have understood the presence of eternity…There they would have an opening to understand Hinduism better, and they wouldn’t have attempted to destroy the Brahmins using colonial power. [ Pakisthan is eligible for a religious state , but not a state based on hinduism…because for the then imperial christians, a 2 dollar book and an imaginary historical prophet was required for certification of political religiousness…These barbrians found such attributes in Muslim and mistook the community as religion. They made a seckular state that described hindus according to MaxMueller’s perversion ! They turned blind eye when hindus were driven out from Pakisthan, Bangaladesh…and idiots in harvard university support our racial description] …

How can Ranganathan copy hindu ideas and then slander hindus as satans ? I think these missionaries are Scum. These perverts want an easy and respectable way to control over the population. The so called Satan has over taken them.



Questions on the Mac-truth of objectivity and the new Gnostism

The following is from a retired conservative person. In this post, I create an argument as to why I am refuting the quotes of an unknown, possibly respected person in such a way…and then I have created an argument against some of the lines.

I am retired after a long career as a senior executive of a Fortune 100 company. I am an orthodox Christian, and primarily interested in covering news and events from a Christian perspective. I reject the philosophy of cultural relativism, which denies objective truth. As a result, some of these posts will be decidedly ‘politically incorrect’. Truth is objective, and ultimate truth is found in the revealed word of God, the Holy Bible.

This person ascribes Obama to Gnostism, attributes Operah etc anti-christ (Every era has its Anti-Christs.), and speaks against the 2000 years of experiment. I am not sure what this Gnosticism means right through different systems,but this is what was considered as related to Gnostism by the above person:

For we cannot reach that blessed shore without first crossing through the valley of death. No amount of New Age mantras, visualization techniques, or self-help books will bring an end to warfare, famine, disease, cruelty, and death. Like its predecessors, this new form of Gnosticism will..

This is what got my attention:- The person is creating an argument against Yoga for local political purposes…which has been popular in west in last decade.

In 18th century, a lot of Indian thoughts were examined in europe, some were appreciated, Just like Yoga is today. Later the The church and imperial officials hit back when they captured India …They created the racial theories such as Aryan-dravidianism to slander Hinduism…and spread them in India with a sledge hammer…some times with stated purpose to attack on the Indian religion and to control people through church. Indian standard of sickularism identifies itself with such such European authors. Most liberal christian authors in west went with their brethren. They created the second world war, and then decades after the the christianity and Europeans were aquited of Hitlers faults. However The Indian priests were compared with Hitlers in 2000s, that too in mainstream Indian press.

Therefore it is not hurt, but to examine the accusations….

1- Looking to the hope:

Obama is doing something acceptable in western orthodox framework of acceptance …Delivering a hope or Utopian promise of heavens by ignoring where one stands or re-explaining it …This is a human frailty to get carried away, but this may have got one of its early important victories in Rome…Considering the present day slander, it is possible that the tone of the discussion that Roman missionaries would have sold as a hope in first centuries, be lacking understanding of the early Roman religion. Some give descriptions, which sounds like a present day political debate, like targeting the working class of the society, promising them better.

What might have been an argument against the Romans at one point, has been sealed as the light for long periods, there is darkness below the light, one can’t check what is in there. This is conversion, an identity, this is in part could define the progressivism, the hope where you can’t look back beyond certain point. Now the shape of the debate gets changed with some unknown, reflected in other direction as a positive faith. In One TV show, a guy was ranting against the secret of Romans Vs freedom ( What about the secret instructions of catholic church on paedophilia?), when the early missionaries could as well be as deceptive as the missionaries who preached theories of race.

The protestants few centuries later might have got the same ‘progressive’ argument… These groups found orthodoxy in the earlier church, they may have different source ?.

Marxism is acceptable in logic because of similar nature of arguments resting in promise of utopia, and shifting the base of the torch to their own point of revolution. Once they convert into maoists, the maoists ensure to defend their party – In fact this name “Mao” is name of a recent thug in a civilization that has spanned millenniums. People have been successful without being maoists. Once Maoists come to power, they attack on the past…The Maoists in Nepal have their first two tasks is to slander and throw out the king. Lately the king was not in even any ceremonial position.

The Taliban found the Budha Statue somewhere in the mountains to destroy it. They have the most of the horror stories on earlier inhabitants of Mecca and Medina, to whom Mohammad’s army defeated…Yet they have their source in Mohammad. Any attempt to go under that source, results violence across thousands miles.

Here is the faith and promise that hides the source:

The lord has defeated the Satan already “the Lord Jesus Christ has already defeated Satan by his innocent suffering and death on the cross” -However even in absence of Satan, people will not go to utopia on their own… In different situations, you can’t question the mad lectures of Marx in a marxist state, you can only question and insult the hindus for sake of the coming utopia. Taliban delivers amazing answers on jewish conspiracy to WTC that captivates so much of people, but never question them on a whole range of issues, Vote for Obama for the economic miracles but leave a limited set of questions on his dependency on the leftists those are offensive…

Thus, giving the hope, and promising new lands without examining where one stands is not at all about new age type of Gnostism.

I got the quotes in italics from some conservative blog .

The objective claim on truth:

His argument on “which denies objective truthis basically an argument against the post-modernism. Post modernism essentially is about context…if you say the X correct conclusion, If I say Y is the correct conclusion, it is possible that we are different because of the context. This is a valid argument. Post-modernism has serious logical issues at certain extremes…I am not a post modernist, as the name implies, post-modernism is essentially has a lot of progressive association with it. That itself is a context.

Western culture is better at socialism, colonialism…finding nice ways to get the things under control…. or rationalizing without much pretense. Engaging in unproductive activities of finding nature or lack of it of the has not been a favorite past time. Consider Mills, I think an utilatirian…he(both?) is considered highly by the british even today, but Somebody I see as a hit man of the empire. Those guys- utilatirians and missionaries never appreciated or engaged with the whole hindu preoccupation on something called truth…Instead they indulged in racial and class stories, while creating front of attack on this past time of truth, by engaging the anglicized-hindu-Budhists .

So the claim is :

Truth is objective, and ultimate truth is found in the revealed word of God, the Holy Bible.

If the Truth is objective…then what and why is ultimate truth ?

If the truth is objective… then why would it must only be “revealed” and from where was it transported?

How exactly it got contained in the word ? Is that still objective ? You see the reason why these outrageous ideas create post-modernism ?

And the Holy-bible – By this the Christians politicians trying to pack the truth into hands of their organization ….Violation of dictates of organization wouldn’t be considered objective here. If there is one other choice, I would better go with fatwas…They don’t pretend it to be universally objective .

Why Dalai Lama’s statements were edited by The Hindu!

The Hindu has been in forefront of giving space to any foul mouth, jehadi apologists, racial analysists included, if the target has been hindus. One sociologist from USA who spear headed the efforts in “the Hindu” on racial attack on Brahmins by twisting the Dronacarya Story[***] into industrial logic, actually seemed to be a budhist convert. Therefore it would be a revelation to find Hindu is editing the Dalai Lama’s statement, just as the Chinese thugs do.

After much hue and cry, those sick people in the Chinese mouth piece in India admits editing out Dalai Lama’s statements. The chinse-dhimmi-in-chief put words into Dalai Lama’s mouth, as the chinese Maoist thugs do, and then concluded on basis of that.

It is painful to me, after the chinese have security presence in Nepal, they have significant media investment in India. Who will oppose them ? When the Hindu was hitting the tradition of mother India, to convert it into a story of racial violence, many of my friends got converted to those Aryan dravidian stories, and it is an universe for them with its own thought process. They failed to see the events then, they may fail more now. The chinese have security forces in Nepal, and they have significant influence over a national news paper – when Indian govt can’t claim to have as much influence on any .

I hope miracles happen.


***following is an attempt to explain the Dronacarya story and what The Hindu newspaper did.

[Dronacarya, though a warrior who was to remain undefeated until he had weapons in his hand, blessed his students to be victorious, and fought with them to be slaughtered. he fought what can be viewed in gross as the wrong war, for the wrong people. For Dronacarya, Dharma was minutest actions, say every details of contradiction between the word of acceptance to serve the kingdom, and speaking against the kingdom when it destroyed itself by stripping Draupadi of her clothes… They had endured (or call it respect) it to such an extent that words were respecting these people. When he blessed his opponents for victory, the unseen cared to respect his words , This meant Guru Dronacarya would be defeated by his favorite student in the war.

In Mahabharat, It is the story of a Brahmin in ancient India, subsisting in a forest, when he set out to own a cow as requested by his wife. Here the humble poetry has endured complexity of millenniums in the free and flowing milieu of Bharat. Mahabharat, a war unmatched in violence and tragedy is often thinner than Vaccum in negotiating turns, just as the camaraderie and cool breezes of an evening in Kurukhetra were as comfortable with itself as the red hot blood of warriors splitting against the reddish setting sun of horizon .

Only a westerner could have subverted this grand story merely because of his ignorance, and “The Hindu” allowed one Omvet to be the face of brokers to redescribe India in terms of atoms, followed by survival of those atoms, or in some cases propagating a fraud marxist relationship progressing with labour and economy. Here the subtlety can match Himalays . The judgments are as fine as at least loud protests delivered from multiple media, or the fat checks the lobbyist deliver….

Here the Activism is for class survival, propagation and conversion that gets waged for months or hundreds of years as Jehad…

How could the Europeans obsessed with greed, and occupying lands and all those gross traits in their possession could have developed sociology to explain the activism for itself, survival – whose still finer purpose were mastered to match the respected words, the words even when its meaning was end of survival of Drona…How could the Marxist greed of control and violence explain Drona setting out for a single cow to feed their son ?

So they did what they could…dragged the whole thing into standard pit of race analysis and labor relations. Thanks to the lead provided by The Hindu news paper. When Amartya Sen types develop those labour relations, more human may be submerged in/through it, but still the universe will be left with forgotten possibilities.

The message of the activist, and their worldly utopia

Hoardes of Activists swamped the world, attacking villages and civilizations. [They set the debate – who is better, the british or the Islamists, but that is different issue]. For those who recruited as missionaries and sent conversion report to the then europe, they would have brought the utopia by bring everyone under the control of the church.

For the islamic activists, they would bring utopia by ruling under islam, and these people wouldn’t be as pathetic if they knew what they are doing, that is if muslims knew about what they generally worshiped – Terrors from likes of The Ghouries, Ghajanis as islamic nationalism(!), Islamic identity….Pride in destruction by these senseless people …Yes these were the religion of of activists.

The activists were agents of ‘god’, they were possessed by a message of god, because god is extra terrestrial. This message, and a freaking $5 book ( available for free from these religionist politicians) is what drove these people to destruction.

The British and europeans conjured up a racial story for India – NY Times got communists and anglicized to defend and reiterate this story even in 2000s – Harvard gets professors to espouse these racial stories. Here the sickularists and religionists both found a cause for european nationalism. The debate between utilatirians and the christist missionaries were if the extra terrestrial god was void or he is father of a dead man called Jesus Christ.

If they had little more sense, then NY times wouldn’t have justified the racial stories ( and associated hatred ) in 2000s. Openly the communists and the usual anti hindu mafia killed 12000 browns in Nepal ( That is equivalent to 1000 whites at the ration of 1:10), and NY Times allowed communists to give a racial description of India, at least when it mattered.

If during all these, if they would have behaved less than messengers of the extra terrestrial void or god, then I would like to think these activists would have left a more mundane space for some people , say like the writer of this passage.

Thats why it is frustrating to read about these unions :we experience ultimate joy as we become one with Jesus Christ in a union that leads to incomprehensible joy. Sexual intercourse mirrors our relationship to God and causes us to worship h


These socialists, Neheruvians , journalists from times of India, Sheela Bhat of rediff , raged and brainwashed alumni ( or drop outs) of JNU et al could dissociate them from agents possessing the message of Lord Macaulays, they could again interpret things as union ready, more likely they would get more of messages. They may get bombarded with far more messages by new activists, some would be intolerable at their old age… The utopia will elude them just like it has eluded big maoist empires and islamic ghettoes…

Sri Ram

Re- Discovery of India ( Rahul Gandhi)

Rahul Gandhi’s recent travel to the state has been illuminating. Many who disguise as Gandhians have been going ga-ga over it. Many gandhian and Neheruvian trusts feed these gandhians, so that they survive to compete for blessing of yet another new-born Gandhi.

I had bit education on the issue of discovery of India …why those poorly portrayed hardly interesting plots of Neheru’s book on discovery…. were so famous, when he discovered nothing !!

Rahul Gandhi comes from a whole lot of universities, helped by Neheruvian connections, but without any discovery. Then he goes to this village, where congress shows its expertise – They get some village folks with ordinary dress, and then put their leaders spanking white dresses besides them. The white dresses create a contrast which is distinctly visible. [ Somebody who can manage to show the dark-wit of Rahul Gandhi is going to bust his superiority…]

Then the news papers headlines, Rahul Discovers India, through poverty. This seemed  interesting. Obviously Rahul would identify with ambition, convenience, power politics and individualism of delhi, and in general the westernized aspects of India…he mayn’t go back on his modern personality to the simple, heartfelt, yet communal village life. What it then means, when this dim-wit Rahul Gandhi, discovers nothing less than India ?

This Discovery however could mean and only be significant if they found image that they were searching. An image of India from english books.. the snake charmers waiting to be liberated by the anglicized white man. Similarly, Neheru’s book on discovery of India, could probably explain something that Neheru was searching for. It is a definition of India that they were trying to validate … a definition that was created by the european missionaries and supremacists, to throw dart… on all the glories of this land where they created a racial history. The story of Indians in silicon valley therefore fought by many to be injected with “code-coolies”, how the efforts and success of so many educated people didn’t alleviate poverty of other fellows  (click to read danger of price increase when hungry gorillas  get to eat full plates ) , and how hindus are not SICKular enough to become brown saheebs and communists, remember the concerted effort by the humanity dept folks to show how India is not doing well, the academic objection to India rising….. The Independent Indians in silicon valley probably was not in the script of these Neheruvians searching to redefine India according to a eurocentrist story of racial fighting.

Eurocentric story and its predilection with progressive racial categories :- does it  explain why the Neo Gandhian servants were mentioning of early people , which is a distinct racial category in descriptions of history and sociology.

Some ego-maniac, demi-Mahatmas and Marxist professors like Romilla Thapper, DN Jha could really been aghast that the history subject that they taught in hundred thousands colleges, were actually not scientific…. at least by the standards of silicon valley ! That may explain their viciousness.

It may be rather late, but I would read the discovery of India again… to review if Neheru discovered just the way Rahul dicovers India !

Amartya thinks Bengalis ate too much !

In a world where Yasser Arafat gets nobel prize, Amartya sen gets one of that too!

Following is attributed to sen… Price increases when the bengalis are eating full plate instead of being starved… Amartya types would be uniquely devious people who would have sold poverty to achieve millions. Here he takes the subject away from economics, production, trading and the administration into creating still finer classes of gorillas…animals who availed food to fill “their part-filled bellies” when the result of such action is death and starving of their fellows .


““In a poor community take the poorest section, say the bottom 20 percent of the population and double the money income in half of that group, keeping the money income of the rest unchanged. In the short run prices will rise sharply since the lucky half of the poorest group will now fill their part-filled bellies. While this might affect the food consumption of other groups as well, the group that will be pushed towards starvation will be the remaining half of the poorest community, which will face higher prices with unchanged money income. Something of this nature happened in the economy of Bengal in 1943”.

‘ganatantra gyana Yagna’ – Baba !

Babaji has defined dharma – as the one that survives because of country — and the the dharma of country is democracy – therefore he traveled 29 districts to talk about judiciary, media, parliament etc [ subjects under political science] in guise of dharma and religious activities.

this kind of rhetoric that some how the drunkards controlling media, corrupted institutions, fake gandhian power brokers, ignorant politicians and tentative postulations of political science control the dharma through democracy is counter productive.

The judiciary, media, parliament are structures created by administrators to rule . They would be religious as much as the structure of the temple, political – as much as the palace of the king… The king’s palace doesn’t define power of the kingdom. Grandeur of institutions are captivating to some, say, like the brightly colored mango to the poet. For a wise man however, a mango is defined by its juice and taste.

Therefore, here it is obvious confusion when baba talks of dharma in general through structures. Such talk is more appropriate in part of the courtier.

[ A previous version of the post Mar-6-2008 has been edited to make the post focussed. The previous version contained a discussion on western attack on Indian religion and effective change in religious discourse to new structures …where logical discourse on religion was attempted to conforming western historical frame- concepts such as prophets – and final ones; powerful political institutions spreading tentacles into religion – concepts such as “One book” etc ]

Jai Sri Rama.

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