Naxalite joins LTTE before arrest in Kerala

There is report of the leader ( Mr Murthy ) of the 2004 attack  on Koraput has been arrested from Kerala. Murthy was some kind of head of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa  Naxal organization in 2003. After the 2004 attack, Murthy disappeared and joined in the LTTE. Murthy was arrested with 5 comrades in Kerala, when he was planning for more violence there.


Naxal Organization terrified of Backlash – clarify on Ashram Massacre

The Naxal organization distributes a write up [ref-sam-pg-3-dt-6th-sept-2008] clarifying that neither the ‘Kotagarh’ branch, nor the central branch has instructed to massacre Swami Laxmananda. For opposition to cow slaughter and conversion, the christian fathers were conspiring against Swami Laxmanananda. The Naxalite writeup adds, Some of its comrades were involved in the massacre without the permission of the central committee. The Naxalites clarify that the comrades succumbed to lure of plenty of money.

Naxalites have promised to teach an appropriate lesson to errant comrades. It says, it is investigating the father(with his caste mentioned!) who is suspected to have paid money to their comrades for carrying out the massacre. The Naxals clarify that, they are interested in betterment of humanity, and such acts of massacre has never had the approval of its central comitte. In addition, it has vowed to fight the police officers, who are defaming the Naxalite organization before the public ( by associating Naxalites with the massacre).


So what we got here :-

  • The naxals know the culprit, and they mayn’t be the only ones to know about it .
  • The Naxals don’t seem to like shake up in their base, tens of thousands of crowd in those areas attend Swamijee’s funeral and commemorative gatherings.

Swami Laxmananandaji

  • Swamiji was Born in 1924.
  • In 1966 he had returned from Rishikesh for cow protection.
  • In 1971, Swamiji had established an Ashram and a school and college for Vanavasis.
  • In 1986, Swamiji had established a Kanyashram at Jaleshpata. There is a school established .
  • 2008 – Assailants massacre swamiji in the Jaleshpata Ashram.

In 1924, the christian missionaries were allied with the colonial Rulers, manufacturing slanders of the world to throw on India. 84 years later, in independent India, their agents slaughtered swamiji who was an obstruction to conversion.

The day was Janmastami – the holy festival when his guard was on vacation. 18 to 20 people ( not hundreds of maoists) arrived in a Jeep and Motor Cycle. 12 of them had automatic rifles. 15 minutes before their arrival, two unknown people had come to the Ashram and had taken blessings of the Swamiji. They found the time when the security deployed outside the Ashram had gone for dinner. ( Other reports say, the security was captured by the assailants, which doesn’t seem plausible)

The Assailants had fired:

  • 7 rounds onto Amrutanand-ji.
  • ? round onto Kishore baba
  • 9 rounds to mother Bhaktimayi.
  • 22 rounds from an Automatic rifle onto Swami Laxmanandji, 22 bullets were sprayed onto the swamiji from his head to lower stomach from an automatic rifle. (Updt: They had cut down one leg of swamiji with some instrument )

This has been a sensitive area, Christian leader John Dayal had visited this area following an earlier attack on Laxamananda…There is allegation that in this meeting it was decided to massacre Laxmanandaji. On an attack in the Brahmani village, AK47 was used to attack the hindus. The christian converts of that area didn’t have such sophisticated guns, thus it was suspected that the Maoists are working with the christians. During the attack in the Ashram, police says, AK47 was also used. While use of AK47, and stuff recovered from indicate it was by Maoists, two suspects, possessing similar black covers as was used to attack the Ashram with other weapons were caught with bibles. It is a belief of the security agencies of that area that, the Maoists don’t attack religious leaders…The exception have been use of AK47 for attack on Laxmananda-ji, who was basically an obstacle to Christian missionary conversion activities. It points to unholy nexus and criminal activities of missionaries with violent Maoists.

Let the spirit of Laxmananandji defend the people from ill gotten millions of NGOs and so called charities, that is used to spread slander and conversion.

Swami Laxmanananda and others in his Ashram massacred

About 100+  armed “maoists”  entered into Ashram of Swami Laxmanananda, they slaughtered him along with lady members of the Ashram. Laxmananand had received threating letter, if he didn’t desists from “communal” activities, then he would be killed.

Swamiji, and 80 year old person was spearheading movement against christian conversion.  Christian missionaries, financed by western money attempt to convert entire districtsm using dirty theories  and false understanding. Swamiji was reconverting some people to hinduism, and had a presence in the tribal belt.

In a previous attack, Last year assailants had parked a public bus in front Swamiji’s vehicle. When Swamiji’s driver took his vehicle around, the assailants attacked Swamiji. Laxmanandaji escaped that attack due to his driver. There were riots. It was well known that the Maoists were involved in the riot, however police described it as a communal and caste fighting. From these two incidents, it has been clear that the Maoists are indistinguishable from the local missionary organization and their harvested souls  as far as guns are concerned.

It is distressing that christian missionaries, who are supposed to be preaching “love“, are hand in glove with the maoist revolutionaries, and are assaulting civilizations in 21st century. The Maoists are quite brutal in their prosecutions, it is unthinkable if they tortured the 80 year old Swami Laxmananda, and ladies in the Ashram, before executing them.

My prayer for the departed members of the Ashram. Their work for freedom from thugs will inspire many.

Columbia-USA free trade deal and socialists?

Read an interesting article

Some quotes and notes:

Chávez wants that future to be socialist, authoritarian, friendly to other dictators, and belligerent toward the United States. Uribe wants it to be market-oriented, democratic, and integrated into an international system friendly to freedom and organized and led by the United States.

“Venezuela and Colombia almost went to war in March, when Colombia struck a terrorist camp run by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) inside neighboring Ecuador. The FARC has terrorized Colombians for years, murdering, taking hostages, trafficking in drugs.”

Okay…So we are going to have these Maoists operating and claiming immunity in Nepal. India goes after them, they would create an international issue…more ominous with the chinese presence. For the leftist mafia, supporting Pakisthan was not enough.

Democrats like California representative Howard Berman say that “Colombia’s troubling history of labor activist assassinations and human-rights violations” requires that the deal be held up.” – This was the reason ascribed by one side….But I think there has to be more, possibly including the socialist support.

We know that when it came to perpetuate the colonial ideas of India into a new millennium, the socialists picked up three Indian marxists to write in NY Times on the racial story. Boston Globe also got communist party activists in India to get a quote and the racial theory.

Rs 3000 salary per Maoist

The Gandhian paper [sam-page-3-19thapr] says that the Maoists are rather excited in Odisha, Jharkhand and west bengal boarder. They would be paid Rs 3000 per month, and 3000 of them would be recruited.

One of the justifications provided by the newspaper is an acknowledgment by Rajeev Gandhi on corruption in the socialist state – 85% of the development money goes to bribe [ Bribed by the state to control economy or privately] So the old Gandhians and professors in JNU have ensured that youth between 15-18 will be recruited for fight…and girls will be recruited too. Girls –there has been report of abuse of young girls, some are left after pregnancy. I can see it giving a rather cosy environment to these local kids on their new path of attacking themselves, when girls join them in the camps.

All the money the socialists looted now comes back to fund these people. Many wouldn’t ask this question, because the socialist economy has ensured that people think it is the destiny(govt) that pays the salary ….

This post has a description maoist brutality and another link to maoist brutality.

BTW The Nepal maoists have asked the King to get out of the palace…Pranab Mukherjee call the slaughter of 12000 people and control by maoists as multi party democracy. Pranab Mukherjee is a moron who manages to serve his masters well, when the communists wipe out congress or his own party.

Chinese Army in Nepal

It seems there is chinese army in Nepal This is after Chinese have managed the tibetan protests in Nepal. Unfortunately the chinese have a whole lot of commies in India who would look to opportunities of being anointed chief-sepoys.