Starting out!

The righteousness of being against right has been distracting . It is an unfortunate confusion created by Left ( as popularly identified). Pumped up constructions in sociology, history, politics, welfare distribution are pitted against anything to drum up their superiority. If it requires bit of help from organized mafia, then quest to rightness has been used to blind against crimes of such organized assault.

Such right-ness ( by identification of left) is smoey, when smoke clears, one finds strained faces of intellectualism working on yet another Utopian formulation. Distinctly visible are burnt ashes of revolution, spent bullets of naxalites, stories corruption, skeletons of medieval European imperialism, despots and structures ruined by their attack . That along with deaths of thousands…

  • The smokey-righteous ideas liberated more than 13,000 human beings from earth-or more precisely in Nepal, on their way to heavens . It is painful, considering the size of Nepal and the opportunity that could have been waiting for Nepal all these years.
  • The Toll in India is growing by the day
  • India never catches up with China…The number of souls released in India for revolution processes could be lesser than the tens of millions released in the righteous quest for greatness of that thug Mao.
  • There is a maoist suicide cadre being talked about for political assassinations, because some of the low scoring students could succeed in an audacious attack in a town, where they killed more than 10 policemen brutally, taking out eyes of one.


The Righteousness of against right, the absolute statement of relativism against the absolute never the less are beauties of nature. The beauty that dance with noise of its ‘nupura’[anklets] enticing many into hell, is beauty never the less. It has laid colorful and pleasant pathways enticing into depth of the evening .

Smokey right looks looks such beauty of nature, salutes it and prays not to be sucked into depth of an evening, where sound of so called revolution appear shriller and destructive .

May we get a fine sleep for the morning tomorrow.

Sri Rama.