Swami Laxmanananda and others in his Ashram massacred

About 100+  armed “maoists”  entered into Ashram of Swami Laxmanananda, they slaughtered him along with lady members of the Ashram. Laxmananand had received threating letter, if he didn’t desists from “communal” activities, then he would be killed.

Swamiji, and 80 year old person was spearheading movement against christian conversion.  Christian missionaries, financed by western money attempt to convert entire districtsm using dirty theories  and false understanding. Swamiji was reconverting some people to hinduism, and had a presence in the tribal belt.

In a previous attack, Last year assailants had parked a public bus in front Swamiji’s vehicle. When Swamiji’s driver took his vehicle around, the assailants attacked Swamiji. Laxmanandaji escaped that attack due to his driver. There were riots. It was well known that the Maoists were involved in the riot, however police described it as a communal and caste fighting. From these two incidents, it has been clear that the Maoists are indistinguishable from the local missionary organization and their harvested souls  as far as guns are concerned.

It is distressing that christian missionaries, who are supposed to be preaching “love“, are hand in glove with the maoist revolutionaries, and are assaulting civilizations in 21st century. The Maoists are quite brutal in their prosecutions, it is unthinkable if they tortured the 80 year old Swami Laxmananda, and ladies in the Ashram, before executing them.

My prayer for the departed members of the Ashram. Their work for freedom from thugs will inspire many.


Rs 3000 salary per Maoist

The Gandhian paper [sam-page-3-19thapr] says that the Maoists are rather excited in Odisha, Jharkhand and west bengal boarder. They would be paid Rs 3000 per month, and 3000 of them would be recruited.

One of the justifications provided by the newspaper is an acknowledgment by Rajeev Gandhi on corruption in the socialist state – 85% of the development money goes to bribe [ Bribed by the state to control economy or privately] So the old Gandhians and professors in JNU have ensured that youth between 15-18 will be recruited for fight…and girls will be recruited too. Girls –there has been report of abuse of young girls, some are left after pregnancy. I can see it giving a rather cosy environment to these local kids on their new path of attacking themselves, when girls join them in the camps.

All the money the socialists looted now comes back to fund these people. Many wouldn’t ask this question, because the socialist economy has ensured that people think it is the destiny(govt) that pays the salary ….

This post has a description maoist brutality and another link to maoist brutality.

BTW The Nepal maoists have asked the King to get out of the palace…Pranab Mukherjee call the slaughter of 12000 people and control by maoists as multi party democracy. Pranab Mukherjee is a moron who manages to serve his masters well, when the communists wipe out congress or his own party.

So it is not about race !

interesting analysis There are articles in teligraph that finds people going to 5 decades back to endorse a story of race and progression – the story that Obama mentioned. This article says there is more to the division… the supposed race division pales in another division – one that is more powerful.

In India the typical Neheruvian socialist, Macaulayites are etc hypocrites, Amartya Sens worked for a life about poverty to land in london and eat stinking meat there…some of these imperial slaves have partnered with Canadians to sponsor maoist terrorism in India. The Maoists are a collage, where anglicized macauliyans use the villagers for doing the actual killing. These macauliyans are university professors or dirty politicians waiting for their next trip to/award from china or US.

A former communist supporter for Obama Is it for race ? Or something else has power to transcend whatever Obama has promised…Considering Macaulayites, and nepotisim of Neheruvian socialists, one could remember the delusion of their transcendence. This is no rationalism. SICKular – yes, because of the rational interpretation of SICKularism.

— —

An unlike place for Obama criticism… The secret no child left behind plans are every where… all over the world… from leftists antiques, It is possible to see how every one has appropriated these words, and copycats speak it simultaneously as their own enlightenment ! This is democracy but we have no idea who in the hell is deciding this. That article has devil in the details… No child left behind is about introducing politics in schools, it is about giving control of schools to racial and muslim groups. Once a racial boundary is drawn, they use children ( no children left behind, when there is one post of president), women etc to mount a serious accusation. It is not defending an unknown principal in a school, it is about understanding the Neheruvian pattern.

A random link that partly mentions how it has been about race. The first two links in this post are mere attempts to look at differently, to raise different questions …it is and it is not..so could there be something else that is not being focussed properly…. The brotherhood mentioned in that article is another hoax, sometimes it is not brotherhood…examples are in the same context, who is opposed by a more faithful brotherhood.

so also observes this article – it is/isn’t race:- His glamour explains a campaign paradox: how a man who wrote a race-conscious coming-of-age memoir about his search for a black identity could be touted as a “post-racial” candidate. The allure of his origins obscured his own account of his inner life. – I don’t think glamor is the precise explanation…though this author defines glamor as some form illusion- a word that I have also used above. This author writes very well.

Blue birds over Oxford

Blue birds :- There is a fine song in the linked article.  The description is moving…

There is a twist though. Once the expectation was for  yet another Spring in the village, far removed remove from Europe, like the past merchants, the ones from the city were supposed to return with a lot of money. In Between, A whole lot of Neheruvians, trained in the oxfords changed the plot, wealth indeed return, but it came with the bargain of new songs dedicated to Neherus and sycophants of empire, including criminals at national politics.

It is at these British institutions that plots to brutalize the Indian story were started, utilitarians used their initial trysts with understanding to predict the fate of colonies, to demonize  and to anglicize  them…Almost all others were party to it and joined the fun.  In the process many local songs have receded to a deep void, or rendered useless  with cacophony of linguistic nationalism . Many times the  songs were interpreted to be uncivilized, sometimes Neheruvians took that as stories of race and cruelty.

I wondered many times, why no english person from oxfords  objected to the Mills and Mueller type preoccupation. I had been once through London Airport… It didn’t have a Vegie breakfast available during a half an hour search…I wonder, did the empire ever bother to  had a veggie restaurant for people from the Jewel of the empire(It is not about the initiative of  Bangaladeshis  and Gujjus ). I don’t have good answers, people still think Max Mueller was a messiah in plotting assault on hinduism. it all seems so negative…Karma has caught up little bit with Oxford…They could have spoken a word when all the hindus from Pakisthan were cleansed.

The Argumentative Socialist Indian is because of eurocentrism

I think I have overheard some conversation, that indicates deep confusion has been induced by the eurocentrist ideologies on religious matters, this shouldn’t have been the case. I will have two conversations I have over heard in the markets:



There was this cook, brahmin by tradition, who stays by the roadside in a hut covered by polythene, and works in a roadside hotel. He goes to his village once in a few weeks to give the money to his family. On Top layer of this equal world, resides an LIC agent, who collects money from retail shops. This person is brahmin by birth, but he was working in a military job, he drinks liquor once a while…has made a ‘guru‘ and has a modern outlook.

This Lic-guy was once trashing the roadside-cook, because the roadside cook is unequal and he doesn’t respect humanity because some of his orthodox ways. His argument was that since Jeeba and ‘***’ are equal, so the road-side cook should be equal… the guy staying in a roadside polythene covered hut, a hut that is sandwiched in the 3 feet space available between a house and a shop besides the road… and this cook working a stinking roadside hotel, should be equal to rest all. If that is bit hilarious about how could he be equal to those who can afford to stay with their family and own two-wheelers … then the example that was given was – He shouldn’t discriminate the ‘muslims‘ !

This was a spectacle. With so many people around it was becoming unpleasant, when the roadside-cook clearly had resigned and was looking for an escape. I remember such useless heated discussions during my stay in west bengal… to remember Amartya Sen’s argumentative Indian. it should be Argumentative socialist.

Whatever, I join the discussion to pull away the lic-agent, inform him slowly that Jeeba-Brahma are not equal always. The Lic-agent-guy stops there, and tests me with further query…he asks.. what goes during the death, and what remains unchanged. This is like I am getting drawn into a public spectacle… So I suggest him that this would be last irrelevant question that he would ask me, I take a pause, give some answer to silence him.

Then he goes asking me further questions…if I have read books ( On this he is assured that he wouldn’t read as many books in his life), then bets to draw me into naming Upanishads… which I don’t name. He tries to convince me a final time, by asking me to go with him to his guru !

What ? This guy was serious all the time, it is as if he was trying to convert to the road-side cook according to his guru’s message ! And on that, he had wrong information…I checked some books ( not the new age interpretations) that evening…

I was disturbed that the lic-guy was so sure on the wrong information, essentially I could arrive at his conclusion IF I IGNORE the feminine characteristics so as to refer to ‘fatherlands’, to deny existence of zero, try to control nature…So clearly his guru had arrived at a conclusion by ignoring all these factors, as if they didn’t exist….this is probably how the euro-centric interpretation works… There are western religious scholars in Harvard who have issues with Zero, they call countries as fatherlands, Controlling nature is one of the passions ….. Therefore such interpretation was disturbing.

It is disturbing, because we are changing in a fundamental way… It is very easy to ignore traits identified as feminine. It is extremely difficult, and needs a lot of care to get these feminine culture beyond intellectualism…. The traits that are required by humans just as a kids require their mother.



People’s daily of Chennai – The CHindu.

Raman on the chinese mouth piece called Chindu – Raman calls it the People’s daily of Chennai.

Its editor in chief is a founding member of SFI. This mayn’t be incidental at all. The socialists are corrupt people, Not only the Neheruvian india, atleast one chinese in NPR thought corruption came to china with comrades. Just like conversion politics, socialist try to hold on to their own fascination of coming utopia, they try to justify their arrogance and false understanding. It is important for them have control over media.

I have stopped reading the CHindu since 2000s, they didn’t publish my letters. They pushed that dravidian racism … they openly published hate articles based on race…race stories clocked in history by JNU thugs and europeans. Asides daily hate sermons based on race, one funny aspect of this is that, no sane person can say the amount of reservations at different places in India and different conditions….For the socialists power brokers, Anything happens without consent of church of socialists is achieved by exploition.

I had to laugh , they moved the Washington office to china!!:- “12.Its Washington office was closed and shifted to Beijing indicating where its heart lay.”

Gandhian Imposters Deliver Sensational Maoist Warning

The Gandhian news paper reminds ( smj-mar-6) in its front page that ‘Maoist neta(Neta- as in recognized and worthy leader leader with originality, not a goonda) described the attack on a city as a golden chapter’…and then the news paper describes a maoist press release as sensational ( cAnchalyakara).

And the sensational news is that the govt is indulged in industrialization, which is propagated by the leftists as having effect on the life of a racial category, called adivasi. ( The racial category is well understood by the colonial antalacist, the economy argument is by the communist.). The sensational news ( as our gandhian paper means) includes boasting of brutal killing of 3 jawans and recede of police, and how the police is misinforming that it has killed 30 maoist warriors. ( The police had recovered trucks of weapons that the attackers had taken from the police station, the left wing extremists were taking the body of their comrades away).

The sensational news (As the gandhian news paper concluded) includes an warning: “Inspite of knowing our identification, the BJD-BJP politicians, attacked our comrade, we fired blank..and were forced to kill them when they didn’t accept our warning
For the Gandhian mascots, this is not outright violence, they celebrate it as sensational…

And the warning : The maoists have been particularly brutal in their massacres… In another reported incident, they went to a village in evenings… Waited in a house by threating the women, until the house owner to returns…. then they drag him in front of his wife and kids… the leftist terrorists dragged that house owner into the darkness of night… leaving the shrill sound and emptiness of a world for the man’s family… his dead body was recovered from the edge of the village later… That person was a culprit because he had informed the police about maoist activities… later maoists blamed him for improper business practices...

edit: A link to simillar operations by Maoists… these are cold blooded devils , they get the people out cooly… and slaughter them like chicks.

Unbelievable… the gandhian news paper warns people of maoist threats… no consolation for those who resisted the attack… Is that how they massacred 12,000….in nepal and the world had no clue how they did it ?