Professional CIA Agents

First thing is first, It doesn’t matter what I write here, located on busy internet, I had a week without a visitor, I would have been happy to make it a month.

Considering militant activity such as creation of Taliban –Direct involvement of USA , spread of maoists – direct involvement of North American organizations, though it may be too much for a “capitalist” ,  Let us accept that we are not talking about some saints. Reading little bit of bias and incompetency in CIA is like pudding on the cake.

To quote, The novelist Charles McCarry was a deep cover CIA operative for ten years. “I never met a stupid person in the agency,” he said in a 2004 interview. “Or an assassin. Or a Republican.”

The CIA was not assasins, but it did matter for taliban was not created to meditate upon the cosmos, or to defend the innocents. So do the maoists, who were supported by so called NGOs based in North America and elsewhere. If a republican doesn’t mean biased, then this organization had biased environment towards left, asides being nationalist, as one would expect obviously.

If one wishes to have a question one whether there were active and activist CIA agents in India,  it wouln’t be negated by the observation elsewhere that the maoists have better relationship with many  christian churches. Many of the  Indian christian leadership that became prominent in 2000s rely on   liberation theology, rather than nationalism. Atleast one prominent among  them were sacked by the church from a reputed institute for taking liberation ideas of race etc  into church, in addition to applying it upon others.


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