Jagdish Bhagwati caught by Mark Steyn

Fascination of educational degrees had left me since decades, but I admit, I would have considered privileged to work with Mr Jagdish Bhagwati – either as an asst or a research scholar…Until I read this expose by Mark Steyn.

I have read about the finest arguments of Mr Jagadish Bhagawati, I have a book authored by him, It is excellent and courageous. I have read his opinions in Indian news papers, his critiques of cheap shout and tragedy literature being passed as economic policies. Mr Bhagwati was a critique of socialism in Neheruvian days and he was shunted out.

What is Mr Bhagwati doing here ?


“This is presumably the same Jagdish Bhagwati who reassured a Toronto audience last year that he was endorsing Mr. Obama despite the senator’s anti-North American Free Trade Agreement, anti-free trade rhetoric because he didn’t think Mr. Obama really believed it. ”

Mr Bhagwati usually argues for some form of free trade, Mr Obama didn’t support that position very much compared to other candidates. Why did he endorse him ? His economics logic  goes psychological : “ he didn’t think Mr. Obama really believed it“.

I am less concerned on free trade, but when a respected economist goes pshycological, argues on faith and believe then it is time to think.  I think the intellectuals of relevance have become a class of Have’s with access to NY Times and such, and then their are million others .  It might very well be that it is the class of Bhagawati that required him for this endorsement .Politically it doesn’t matter, but those who respected Mr Bhagawati as a possible voice of  independent reason needs to find new source of independent reason or be skeptical.



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