The church seems to be powerful!

Swami Laxmananda Saraswati did everything that was dear to the left and Gandhians, humanitarians et al…he worked among the tribals for decades . He was attacked by local christians before, and then was finally massacred in his ashram. No arrests so far.

A “society” representing christian converts/church  meanwhile are winning media battle with vague law suits everyday, and getting frontpage news. One news was “provide security or quit”. When swamiji was threatened he was hiding here and there, I couldn’t have imagined such a strong media statement against the church. How is that some court cases are getting cleared so fast, and some stays far longer?

Now they have filed defamation suits….everyday church have been defaming hindus since british ruled, they need slander for conversion, how else they convert without some slander ? Swamiji was attacked by goons who could have entirely persuaded by the church to respect him. Senior church and christian leaders are accused and suspected to eliminate swami Laxmananda. A team of christians got with AK-47 and massacred him, there is reportedly even a split among the maoists on religious lines. The suspected christian leaders are meanwhile sheltered under sonia Gandhi, the center is extra sensitive to christian missionary demand. And now this defamation suit…They seem to know threads of imperialism.


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