Far Eastern article: Destructive and highly biased !!

I have posted their coverage of Mumbai blasts on devotion to find the root cause of terrorism in hindus. They blamed the militants and the possibility of hindu terrorists. Now in this article, there is even no mention of Swami Laxmananda massacre, not mention of a single bullet fired at him, which is widely suspected to be carried out by involvement of high ranking church officials.


As clear from the article, the part that church has colluded with the criminals is whitewashed. They talk big, but one observes, it is a big institution to cover up crimes such as massacre of Swami Laxmanananda, Large scale assault on civilizational structures .

Following are two posts on Swami Laxmanananda Massacre.



Here is an news item that discusses planning by big shots, though it is not John Dayal.

The author of fer is from Harvard university, a leftist. The influence of this article could potentially be high, this guy leads Harvard university anti-darfur activism . Harvard had few christian supporters who controlled the hinduism studies. They have thrown every decorum out to regain the control of hinduism study just as Monier Williams of Oxford did it in colonial age.


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