Puri Shankaracarya is threatened

The Shankara Ashram remained in sand washed , mountain covered or in delightful places when the political doctrine of christianity was not developed. Rome had independent religion then, unslandered by the political mafia of christianity. People were mundane in culture of that time, political organizations such has vatican didn’t search for fraud stories to manufacture sainthood. Somebody takes medicines and his luck delivers him whatever…now “mother” teresa is a “saint” for Vatican!! She managed to siphon tens of millions to vatican, money collected in name of charities.

Ms teresa however is indeed a saint when considered with the criminals who are operating in name of Christianity. They massacred the swami Laxmananada Saraswati, now threating letter comes to massacre the seer of Shankara matha. The christian organization have provided hate ideology and at times have bribed to massacre the hindu religious people.

There is a rumor that so called maoists have split, they resent the ones who have enriched themselves with the money from christian missionaries and are targeting the hindus. But there is a little doubt who would win, the party with millions and support of christian organizations or the “maoists” worshipping dead mao with stolen guns, without political patronage.

It is unfortunate that these mischevous members of the organization, who convert in name of god, will kill pay/indulge in hate propaganda against hindu religious people and kill them. People like Max Mueller conspired against hindus, christians got their infamy. Let god punish the mischievous organization of church and its criminals.



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