Lakshar kid’s mother cried!

A very very informative article on Jehad process and working in Pakisthan. They have taken away the parents of the Lakshar Kid. The Mayor of the city has announced that no one would talk to outsiders. An American journalist and Pakisthani TV crew has been roughed up. If India gives them proof, then all that they would do is to destroy the evidence in Pakisthan.

Terror has less meaning until the pages of Lakshar-e-toiba is turned open. Nights of horror carried foot prints of Lakshar, when it slaughtered Kashmir pundits, tied in trees like animals. This article in some way shows the underbelly of that jehad, its base in the state machinery and power brokers of Pakisthan.

Got the link from Shadow Warrior blog.

This is one more from the British press.


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