Did a kind Axe slashed Sister Abhaya ?

Here is the gruesome death – Perpetrated by fathers who might have gone to places since then.

This investigation took sixteen years, it was covered up all the time. Church – however would manufacture stories, put its mighty brokers to keep the story in national headline for days if they would get oppurtinity to slander somebody else.

The church – through its faithfuls has filed cases to obstruct the investigation of Swami Laxmanananda massacre.  Maoists give more information about the people who massacred Laxamananda than the police. People on the ground specifically point to a decision taken by the church on a particular day ( Church denies it). The Maoists take ownership, disown it another day and merely blames the fathers who paid a lot of money to slaughter Swami Laxmanandaji. Los Angels Times – supposed to be liberal newspaper – has no issue in covering it all and blame massively on innocents, and that while covering mumbai attacks . This is the reason  sister Abhaya story is linked – A christian father hacked a nun using axe. If somebody says that another father is paying naxalites to slaughther others, then it doesn’t have to be absurd.


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