The root cause of terrorism

The root cause :

The terrorists themselves mentioned it better than these BBC analysts.

Here the author attempts to condemn the terrorist attacks – atleast I thought so from the contexts. NY Times aught to be famous for english – see his expression, he has lynched on to hindus. He is sickular fine, but I don’t appreciate this loss of word, where he must slander the hindus for condemning the terrorists. The author is may be trying to find the root cause thousands miles away or two thousand days away.

Deepak Chopra does the same ! Did he have to condemn the terrorist attacks ? no. Did Chopra had to get into Larry King ? That is grand though. Chopra didn’t mention the root cause – he mentioned the wrong facts and he left the rational to the terrorists.

The terrorist supporters are into spin, reported here.

I don’t understand at what point there was a confusion. But it seems that the leftists are indulged in huge propaganda effort against hindus. Financial Times is not the only one.

Martha Nassabum in Los Angels Times here . Her Gujju numbers are wrong and that description is a hate campaign. In Gujju, a muslim mob firebomed a train carrying pilgrims – no national and international outrage. Instead the pilgrims were accused for immporal acts. The violence goes on, and is joined by mulsims alike. In the later days muslims were creating more troubles than hindus. 95% of the articles biased against hindus though, including by Indians.

Los Angels Times mourns the victims – Not by studying the motivations of LET, but by  analyzing hindu faults.


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