The preparation to take on terrorists

I cried briefly when I saw the mourning on the TV…Various plains were crashing down rendering silent drops of tear…But then the TV hosts were talking how people were insinuating against one officer few days back…

I am not impressed by the preparedness of mumbai ATS infrastructure either. Who ever mans them, they have to be more professional.Here is the last minutes of the attack on top policemen. I wouldn’t expect a bullet proof vehicle for the senior officials , but it is not okay to transport commandos in a best bus. It is not okay to carry the chief of the fighting unit with such lax security arrangements that terrorists kill them and hizack their vehicles without worrying if a live person is in the back of the car existing.

What guns were they carrying ? What is the support -both strategic and technical – for senior police officers in encounter situations in a mega city like Mumbai ?

Updt :  This Police didn’t fireback – either they didn’t have bullets or didn’t have order .

Updt: Maharastra police had ability to do this. Thanks, that might have saved greater disasters.Hope all police chiefs get this ability real soon.


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