Deepak Chopra’s grandness

Deepak Chopra on CNN :

He is being asked what India should do ? He targets the hindus, what insanity hindus could potentially do.

Twice at that. He mentions gujurat riot – there exactly the samething happened. The pilgrims in Sabramati were firebombed by a mob, and there is no sympathy for them. He forgets it. There is all insinuation – the pilgrims were instead accused of misbehaving with a muslim girl , and later comiting suicide to blame the mob outside. the insensitivity exploded. Fortunately in this case the the instigators are in Pakisthan, so it doesn’t matter what ever is thrown at.

Why the deepak Chopras have to be so manipulative ? Not that I have a problem with that.

Updt: Deepak is called a digestion guru in wsj. Apparently he blamed America also, in that interview !!


2 Responses

  1. The Deepak Chopra interview was priceless in terms of his idiocy. If these incidents cannot wake up the secularists, I wonder what else will. They have become so blind to the ravages of terrorism that its a sad state of Stockholm syndrome in evidence here.

  2. Thanks Dirt Digger for sharing the thought.

    I think, Deepak Chopra is not a sickularist fundamentally. Thats what is more unfortunate about this interview. He doesn’t understand sickularism, neither he sells that.

    Chopra is trying to be beyond ‘small’ . By Sympathizing with the firebombed Sabarmati victims, he would have invited political criticism. He would potentially have become small. Thats why he didn’t mention them. The politics however doesn’t revolve around him, neither whatever benign influence he gets. That was a reason for which I think he was wrong.

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