Hemant Karkare of Mumbai ATS is dead in terrorist attack

[Rewrote this piece – now that this thing has become of remarkable consequence].

I knew the Mumbai blasts late morning today – Over the years I have become insular to these TV Channels, I enjoy avoiding the chatter boxes. The magnitude of the stuff has been remarkable, there is sudden helplessness as the evening falls over the horizon. You don’t go to Taj for this purpose of being hizacked. Salutations to the brave people who have been working on it, and salutations to their judgement to face the excruciating pressure, the darkness and thought for well being of the hostages.

I had this link in the original article, where I imagined the magnitude to be like a regular one. Regular targets at hindus moving in a train, in shopping complex – and Regular justification by the sickular media – using the class analysis, how the hindus abducted a muslim girl, didnt pay the money ….advice to be more sickular, arrest of more hindu religious people so on….Hemant Karkare was in fact rumored to be one of the chief tormentors of Sadhvi Pragya -She has undergone torture, she was drugged, insulted in every humiliating manner in 14 days custody without presence of a lady constable. Sadhvi Pragyan at one pint decided to commit suicide to avoid the humiliation – She must have recoiled with all the force to escape third digree humiliation conferred on her.

Yesterday Hemant Karkare was confident, dashing…Alas, such tragedy is the world, he didn’t survive the real terrorists. Mr Karkare left us while bravely fighting the terrorists. Many other heroes passed away. Let their souls rest in peace.

Meanwhile there is this spectacle going on…two days are passed, terrorists holding hostage at the heart of mumbai . It must be incruciating for people whose near and dear ones are entrapped, our thoughts are with them.

India has to be a spectacle if this is what happens in Taj. For the govt let their misplaced priority of terrorist fighting be elsewhere than drugging Sadhvi Pragyan or arresting a saffron clad orthodox hindu. The govt shouldn’t fight the terrorist war on saffron clad unarmed people . Instead they should have crack teams ready to be put in such situations in 30 minutes.

This should be a lesson for foreign countries organizations – Don’t support the radical groups in India using the NGOs. The radicals are killing the british citizens by searching the passport , British foreign office and NGOs were suspected to be used by ultra leftists to cover up when terrorists firebombed Sabarmati pilgrims. BBC covered up the Pakisthani support to Kashmir terrorists for decades when it could have saved Kashmir pundits.


That video has links to political indoctrination of the terrorists.

Updt:  Union minister Antulay is aghast (Does he belong to Sonia’s christian coterie?)- He thinks the Pakistani terrorist and injured mumbai constables  lying about shooting  Karkare and other police officials in their  vehicle,  Antulay thinks Karkare didn’t go to the hospital on hearing death of Mumbai police , instead he suggests along with Pakisthani ISI to slander their targets, he says there is more to eye.


3 Responses

  1. Its Karkare not Kurkure

  2. Thanks for that correction.

  3. paid the price for harassing sadhvi

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