The Toilet Paper of India

The Toilet Paper Of India is firmly in hand of christian machinary.

I saw it few days back, there was almost an all column headline of alleged Nun Rape.

The doctor reports denied such thing, there were detailed reporting in local news papers on how there was pressure coming of christist bigots of delhi while filing FIR when their local point men were in police station. Suddenly a raped Nun becomes church’s reason, the fathers and christist lawyers of supreme court give a prepared statement, it becomes front page news . Hello! Wasn’t the pilgrims who were firebombed to death in Sabarmati were doing unspeakable things to ladies – that in a bogey filled with all genders ?[Sickular ghettoe is such that even Washington Post’s Chandrasekharan published this propaganda of firebombers ]. Did the toilet paper ever made the cry of hindus its front line news ?

I am doubtful of the reason of church – to find a nun to create these sensational stories. Stories from Kerala would indicate that the church springs to action with all its fangs only when it targets other religions – it buries the case when its own fathers enjoy.

In any case, the alleged assailants were arrested from Kerala !! [ I don’t get it, how did police arrest alleged assailants when two medical reports didn’t prove anything, what is charge against them ? Why there were noise even after the arrest when the case I thought was closed ?] TOI is happy as long as Church finds its reason.

The Toilet Paper of India has font page news – Unknown idiots in center want hindus not to think about Swami Laxmanananda Swaraswati – They have requested not to hold an memory sabha about the swamy. TOI think the state is violating center’s wish – and that is front page two column news for the anglicized. Toilet paper of India – The fascists !

A christian has filed a to schuttle the inquiry into the death – apparently they don’t like the judge. The Judge may be sickular, but he is not a communists or mayn’t be accepting money from the christists.

These christian organizations have so much money power – just like congress party had in previous days. Criminal intentions have taken over the so called church.

Indu Jain of Toilet Paper of India is going to hell contrary to her publicly proclaimed wishes.


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