Dinesh Desouza hatredness and secularism

Dinesh Desouza and possibly the Dillip Desouza (of rediff) are possibly oppurtinist and bigots – Brainwashed by the violent victory of inquestion of St Xavier into supremacy. Dinesh Desouza has shed his secular scales, now he is talking about christianity…


His book is about the greatness of christianity. However this is where weakness of christianity in display…it is in part a shelter house of criminals , politicians who manage to become saints. How did the venomous Dinesh Desouza has become spokes person of christianity instead of secularism, which his tribes were so good few years ago, when it was important to spew venom on some others? Desouza has behaved as if the perceived supremacy of empire and cruel victory of st Xavier are the truths of god rather than the devil. This arrogant man now writes about greatness of christrianity…Better question that book . Don’t accept possible civilizing claims contained in that book, those claims would be reflection of arrogance of Dinesh Desouza rather than gods words.


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