Murdoch: Were european mercenaries searching a caste ridden India when they landed in USA

Murdoch seems incapable to fanthom independent and prosperous people in India when europe was rather suffocated by christian church. India was one of the most wealthy places – even during 1600s. He seems blind to the british colonialism – In 1947 India was left with a british supported socialist, few hundred years of plunder , faminies, poverty, and western supported bloody division and massacres. Now that he makes money from India – Murdoch is trying to shift the blame. This is to think as if the slave traders and mercenaries were searching an impoverished place of caste ridden earth when they accidentally landed in USA while searching India. Murdoch – what an idiot . Here is opinion.

It is commonly accepted that India had economic growth after 1990s when when PV Narasingh Rao and his FM was kind of forced to act to avoid the balance of payment crisis.

The communist thugs and their bedfellows in developing countries – the christian church agenda -use the caste to drum of superiority of racists , imperialists, fraud and corruption. They even did that in British controlled India.


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