Vatican – Its saints business and Nazi support

It is the christians and the ordinary people of west who have accepted, worked and supported the most to get away from racism.

Having said that, many Jews have long accused Vatican of complicity with Hitler…and there appears to be truth to that. The language is this ” The pope could have done more to prevent the horrific incidents” – Meaning the mega machinary of church supported Hitler through its soft propaganda power at some of other stage, (rather than signing partnership agreement with nazi experiment).

The foolish , fanatic missionaries and unfortunately the cash rich church have spread race ideas through out the world, India, Africa etc. Now the cash rich church is trying to extricate itself to project its spell on the people…Let god be with the people and punish the churches and its mafia.

Now a group of survivors oppose the pope being declared as “saint

So, according to BBC Vatican – a palace, idea with state rights – didn’t support the Israel in the palesteinan neighborhood until 1993 – that would say a lot about its jewish sympathy. That would also tell a lot about the middle east politics, the Nobel prize awarded to a terrorist, a terrorist getting support from bigger and bigger countries. Vatican seems to be a secretive political machine in saint business.

Why would they confer sainthood on a dead person ? What purpose it can solve other than bound the faithfuls to the devil – that is fascination with a power structure conferring sainthood. Similarly, Can we confer devil-hood on pope pius-II ?


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