Maoists and Missionaries

The pretense of separation between two branches of imperialism – The Church, and Maoists is blurred. SOme say the conversion was in gun pint until 50 years ago…Inpsite of modern technology, the church has not given up the violence and organized indoctrination.


Maoists organization which claimed that it had nothing to do with Massacre of Swami Laxmananda now owns up the massacre. Swami Laxmananda had reconverted hindus and was a frequent target of missionaries. In the previous release, some Maoists had claimed that their comrades were lured by huge amount of money paid by some fathers.  Now the party secy Sunil has owned up the massacre and says it will punish the RSS/VHP just like Swami Laxmananda…Swami Laxmananda was 80+ year religious leader who was hiding and being attacked number of times by the christians. His organization was religious and humanitarian.

  •   This just means that the Christian church provides financial and possibly logistic support for the maoists for carrying out the violence. In many cases, they indistinguishable.
  •  One remembers a report, Arundhoty Roy had attending a maoist event. Mrs Roy is a christian  convert.
  • The baptist church in tripura is into organized violence.
  • Retrieved from the article : In Orissa, the Christian churches in the districts of Deogarh, Bargarh, Anugul, Koraput, Rayagada, Kondhmal and Gajapati have come into recent record for harbouring the armed Maoists and using them for conversion of poor villagers. It is evident during December riots in Kondhmal district when Bamunigaon police station was attacked by armed Christians and subsequent raid in Sikarama village helped in seizure of twenty guns with ammunitions. Particularly, the Pastors/clerics from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Goa operating in Orissa are using the Maoist activists who serve as a shield against reaction to forced conversion in the area.

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