Killer Prachanda- To Speak in NY

 Prachanda – A Deep puppet of maoist imperialism, who unleashed thousands of deaths on his own people to grab power is now going international. The International  Imperialism of  violence and thugocracy, often  disguised as “People’s movement”   have set up an Indian china institute in USA, Prachanda is scheduled to speak there.  None of the imperialists who would clap for Prachand would ever wonder what is it in them for which they planned and operated from London but attacked on the King of Nepal instead of the Mother Queen of Britain.

 [ A Related wish, it was a fact that the BBC partially changed the description of hindu Slaughter in Kashmir, after 6 white men from europe were massacred. Slaughter of tens of thousands of feudal ( as  teachers, husbands etc ) wouldn’t  stop Prachand in NY, One got to prey for accidental death of 6 white or semitic religious men blamed on Prachand – that would be end of Prachand in NY ]

   Nepalese didn’t understand that the maoist imperialist are filled with deception and criminalism – That maoists are another dirty branch of imperialism  that attempts to prove itself for they fear, once upon a time the greedy british mercenaries had bettered everyone else at deception, that is during   the height of colonialism . Of course the maoist could argue that people want liquor, sex, slavery to communist party , drug trades and power of  thugocracy – or revolution – as provided by maoist movement.  No arguments there.

  In India, the left over Macaulayites  are the hunting ground of Maoist resource managers.  In finest traditions of imperialism,  They wage cultural revolution in european cultural terms. The Party – be a communist party or another organized entity is trying to put stamp on the open  and innocent.

   Maoist recruits have carried the day – killing the teachers brutally in Nepal.  Now the killers would be delivering judgements to such famillies….When imperialists would arrange speaking for Prachanda in NY, there will be a sunny day in Nepal, blood of a respected teacher would dry up a little more…in quest of still an immaterial empire still untouched by members revolutionized and hungered by thugs of party machinary and dogma.

Updt: Prachanda would like to have business in nepal. Private property – which may mean more to  comrades, terrorists and chinese state enterprises is to be allowed !  I suspect the business would be welcome to gift Prachand a bottle of liquor, other addictives and imported revolvers to remember the old days.


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