Mob kills the CEO !

Got the link while browsing shadow warrior site.

I like our minister Oscar Fernandes, characters like that would be difficult to locate in strictly darwinian world.

Surprisingly,  A whole lot of people see coming revolution in the acts !

Some  are into  bashing .


It’s about time that working class people realized they are considered nothing more than bio-mechanical servants of the filthy rich. The Bolsheviks had it right. You have to start killing the CEOs and their enablers before anyone pays attention or anything changes.

Give them each a medal.

Shlomo Abrin, Sterling Heights, USA


If you oppress people all their lives, make slaves of them, that is the same as killing them. That they rise and kill you is only balancing it out. Cause and effect.
The next fascism, communism, holocaust, WW3, has already been caused, albeit after we’re dead. It’s gonna be a humdinger with nuclear!

Martin, London,


India – another failed state in the making. In the west this would simply not be accepted, fanatical Hinduism will be a big problem in the next 20 years. The lower castes have been treated abysmally for their entire history, only a matter of time before they rebel as above.

Marcus, London,

Josh Sees a revolution in his reply to Marcus :

This is not murder, this is revolt. Big difference. And Marcus from London is completely wrong…unless we take drastic action, and soon, this will become a frequent occurrence in the West as well. – Josh, San Francisco, USA

Travis has a wish for Lehman Bros:

Power to the People! Golden Parachutes make easy targets! Now if only the laid-off workers at Lehman Brothers could set up a meeting…

Travis, Detroit, USA


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