St Xavier – A racist sinner and terrorist ?

St Xavier has so many schools in his name, thanks to fanatic missionaries.

  • St Xavier seems to be bit of a thug –
    Francis Xavier, wrote back home :

    “As soon as I arrived in any heathen village, when all are baptized, I order all the temples of their false gods to be destroyed and all the idols to be broken to pieces. I can give you no idea of the joy I feel in seeing this done.” The Church had a special way of dealing with converted Hindus who were suspected of not observing Christian rites with appropriate rigour and enthusiasm, or even of covertly practicing their old faith: “…the culprits would be tracked down and burnt alive.”

  • Considering his focus on black color- Such a criminal is a white supremacist too. Thanks to the unholy church and stupid missionaries, st Xavier has been a holy man- How could this deranged person understand the details of philosophy and worship…He is turned off by what he perceived skin color of hindu gods – black – That is his quality of judgement.

In Europe, the Goa Inquisition became notorious for its cruelty and use of torture, and the French philosopher Voltaire wrote “Goa is sadly famous for its inquisition, which is contrary to humanity as much as to commerce. The Portuguese monks deluded us into believing that the Indian populace was worshiping The Devil, while it is they who served him.”[4]

There are interesting links elsewhere, for example :


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