The Victory celebration and Riots

The Massacre of Swamy Laxmanananda was an open threat, executed with precision and brutality. Therefore it was shocking and emotional to all. It was carried out with elaborate threats and multiple attacks over years. The massacre was brutal – bullets were sprayed through out the body before chopping the legs of this closeted 80 year man. Swamijee being a hindu had less favors from the english media – The Teligraph described him a VHP leader ( True but incomplete in description – swamijee was a respected religious leader who had been initiated since ages – before the communists gained state level power ) who was killed in the toilet. Now the toilet description is sadistic – He was forced into locking the toilet following gun shots in the nearby room in the Ashram, following his followers were massacred in his room after the terrorists burst open the door. A massacre was going on in the Ashram for a 15 minutes period. The Teligraph missed the gory details, and instead twisted it in a sickening way. [However, The outrage can be considered explicit, filled with details, denunciations, spontaneous and published widely when the skin color and religion is different]

After this grue some massacre, some were celebrating a “victory day” . A hindu tribal by name Dasaratha Pradhan objected to this victory celebration, following which he was slaughtered. This is supposed to be the triggering of violence in a particular area, leaving at least 3 people- christians – dead. These incidents are remaining to be twisted, as the Sacchar committee did elsewhere.

The riots have been mine fields, there was one following attack on Swamijee last year – a riot in which AK-47 was used. In general few thousands people have had disruptions [ This includes hindus also- in case the “communal” english media doesn’t highlight this aspect].

[Updt, Guns:- In Last year riots, some christians had used AK47. A recent news item states a christian convert, who had faked scheduled tribe certificate to gain political and electoral power was attacked by Mob. Some among the Mob had guns, with which they targeted the CRPF, in retaliatory fire by the CRPF, dozens among the mob were injured. This is sad… a peaceful area is seeing use of guns and potential violence in name of development and conversion – Guns were not there in those areas in previous decades. ]


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