Naxal Organization terrified of Backlash – clarify on Ashram Massacre

The Naxal organization distributes a write up [ref-sam-pg-3-dt-6th-sept-2008] clarifying that neither the ‘Kotagarh’ branch, nor the central branch has instructed to massacre Swami Laxmananda. For opposition to cow slaughter and conversion, the christian fathers were conspiring against Swami Laxmanananda. The Naxalite writeup adds, Some of its comrades were involved in the massacre without the permission of the central committee. The Naxalites clarify that the comrades succumbed to lure of plenty of money.

Naxalites have promised to teach an appropriate lesson to errant comrades. It says, it is investigating the father(with his caste mentioned!) who is suspected to have paid money to their comrades for carrying out the massacre. The Naxals clarify that, they are interested in betterment of humanity, and such acts of massacre has never had the approval of its central comitte. In addition, it has vowed to fight the police officers, who are defaming the Naxalite organization before the public ( by associating Naxalites with the massacre).


So what we got here :-

  • The naxals know the culprit, and they mayn’t be the only ones to know about it .
  • The Naxals don’t seem to like shake up in their base, tens of thousands of crowd in those areas attend Swamijee’s funeral and commemorative gatherings.

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