Swami Laxmananandaji

  • Swamiji was Born in 1924.
  • In 1966 he had returned from Rishikesh for cow protection.
  • In 1971, Swamiji had established an Ashram and a school and college for Vanavasis.
  • In 1986, Swamiji had established a Kanyashram at Jaleshpata. There is a school established .
  • 2008 – Assailants massacre swamiji in the Jaleshpata Ashram.

In 1924, the christian missionaries were allied with the colonial Rulers, manufacturing slanders of the world to throw on India. 84 years later, in independent India, their agents slaughtered swamiji who was an obstruction to conversion.

The day was Janmastami – the holy festival when his guard was on vacation. 18 to 20 people ( not hundreds of maoists) arrived in a Jeep and Motor Cycle. 12 of them had automatic rifles. 15 minutes before their arrival, two unknown people had come to the Ashram and had taken blessings of the Swamiji. They found the time when the security deployed outside the Ashram had gone for dinner. ( Other reports say, the security was captured by the assailants, which doesn’t seem plausible)

The Assailants had fired:

  • 7 rounds onto Amrutanand-ji.
  • ? round onto Kishore baba
  • 9 rounds to mother Bhaktimayi.
  • 22 rounds from an Automatic rifle onto Swami Laxmanandji, 22 bullets were sprayed onto the swamiji from his head to lower stomach from an automatic rifle. (Updt: They had cut down one leg of swamiji with some instrument )

This has been a sensitive area, Christian leader John Dayal had visited this area following an earlier attack on Laxamananda…There is allegation that in this meeting it was decided to massacre Laxmanandaji. On an attack in the Brahmani village, AK47 was used to attack the hindus. The christian converts of that area didn’t have such sophisticated guns, thus it was suspected that the Maoists are working with the christians. During the attack in the Ashram, police says, AK47 was also used. While use of AK47, and stuff recovered from indicate it was by Maoists, two suspects, possessing similar black covers as was used to attack the Ashram with other weapons were caught with bibles. It is a belief of the security agencies of that area that, the Maoists don’t attack religious leaders…The exception have been use of AK47 for attack on Laxmananda-ji, who was basically an obstacle to Christian missionary conversion activities. It points to unholy nexus and criminal activities of missionaries with violent Maoists.

Let the spirit of Laxmananandji defend the people from ill gotten millions of NGOs and so called charities, that is used to spread slander and conversion.


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