A Split, taken advantage over by the missionaries

During the previous attack on Swami Laxmananand-ji, there were reports of a caste infighting. It was bit intriguing, why a caste fighting would take place, or what it means. It seems, there are two groups of tribals: 1- One of them are cultured, the animist stuff that one reads about the tribals. They stay in the jungles, but they knew medicines and other stuff available in the jungles, and had religious activities. Groups of these people were even respected in orthodox mainstream for their knowledge of nature. 2- There seems to be another group, who didn’t develop cultural and religious tradition as much. The christian missionaries have targeted this second of people, while the first group of tribals remained proud of their culture and proved difficult to convert. Because of money supply even in remote area, the economy is changing – the second group is purchasing the land from the first group, and have become influential. The first group of people remain poor, and this group availed some of the help provided by Laxmananda in education and stuff. So here caste conflict means, a religious conflict fueled by missionary money, who attack the societies with precision of a politician – The missionaries have finding the fault lines and attacking at the weakest point.


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