Swami Laxmanananda and others in his Ashram massacred

About 100+  armed “maoists”  entered into Ashram of Swami Laxmanananda, they slaughtered him along with lady members of the Ashram. Laxmananand had received threating letter, if he didn’t desists from “communal” activities, then he would be killed.

Swamiji, and 80 year old person was spearheading movement against christian conversion.  Christian missionaries, financed by western money attempt to convert entire districtsm using dirty theories  and false understanding. Swamiji was reconverting some people to hinduism, and had a presence in the tribal belt.

In a previous attack, Last year assailants had parked a public bus in front Swamiji’s vehicle. When Swamiji’s driver took his vehicle around, the assailants attacked Swamiji. Laxmanandaji escaped that attack due to his driver. There were riots. It was well known that the Maoists were involved in the riot, however police described it as a communal and caste fighting. From these two incidents, it has been clear that the Maoists are indistinguishable from the local missionary organization and their harvested souls  as far as guns are concerned.

It is distressing that christian missionaries, who are supposed to be preaching “love“, are hand in glove with the maoist revolutionaries, and are assaulting civilizations in 21st century. The Maoists are quite brutal in their prosecutions, it is unthinkable if they tortured the 80 year old Swami Laxmananda, and ladies in the Ashram, before executing them.

My prayer for the departed members of the Ashram. Their work for freedom from thugs will inspire many.


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  1. It is very sad and barbaric in nature.These are the brutality of the middle age.Such people have no right to live in the present age.Strong action should be taken.

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