They became maoists after reading propaganda

Months back, there was news of an audacious attack on a city by the Maoists.  I had started this blog after reading this news…

The chief and the deputy commandant of that attack have been arrested. The police says, the plan was hatched in Bihar, near a place called Daya. A 12 member core committee was formed for this purpose, and the state committee was re branded as the state organizing. Often this maoist movement is portrayed as an inherent inevitable  movement of the tribals. Often this maoist movement is portrayed as an inevitable historical process. Couple of points to note here….In the caste break up, Sabyasachi Panda was a Brahmin, son of a powerful Member of Assembly.  He was the superior most of the state committee. He joined Maoism halfway through his studies. The deputee commandant was Khyatriya caste , another a muslim member. The head appears to carry be a Bengali upper caste, though he mayn’t be a bengali. This breakup doesn’t appear to be an inevitable historical movement, rather it appears to be victory of maoist propaganda.

The Maoists confessed they were drawn into maoism from student days, after reading maoist literature. Mr Sabyasachi Panda had joined the Maoists through the same route, after being brain washed by the SFI or through some leftist students organization. They had created 8 front organizations for maoist purposes, with fancy names such as 1) The Women Liberation organization. 2) Peoples democratic front of India. 3- Revolutionary democratic Front. They are proud to have involved in maoist activities….and why not ? People of their standard usually became insurance agents.

Conversely, Some Non Resident Indians [ Such as members of the organizations such as Foil ] who are sympathetic to the Maoists and Marxists, are not necessarily talking about the sympathy and economy. They are addicted to a revolutionary stalinist suffocation and power grab.

In the previous post in this blog, I had mentioned about a don who extorted money from me. How do I know if that goon is politically affiliated or just an individual ? If he is not politically affiliated, then Maoist supporting NRIs from UK/North Am must understand that, they have helped deteriorated the political situation to such an extent that, goons have more trust on liquor and bombs.


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