MIT educated pakisthani lady arrested…

It seems an MIT educated Pakisthani lady was arrested in Afganisthan.  While in custody, she managed to shoot at the military officers.,2933,397584,00.html”

There was a professor in MIT who authored the need to profile people in Indian Military on religious basis, and possibly put a quota ? There was controversy that The Congress govt had acted on that book, atleast partially to do the profiling. Having a student from there is really scary.

These radicalism, and that when espoused by ladies, is certainly quite powerful distraction for those who would have a lot of respect for an MIT-trained neuroscientist. Pakisthanis are portraying themselves interesting species though…They have made their land “Pure” – They have made land of pure as pure of hindus. They have made the Kashmir valley pure of Pundits. Now MIT trained ladies are pulled into a vortex of Islamo-fascism. This is bad news.


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