Mental ability to take on energitic slander shots.

Following is retrieved from a comment in Check the amount of sadistic content packed into sentence…This was the same pattern when the western socialists waged a culture war elsewhere, for example when they attacked the hindu culture. The following is a good read….to check the mental ability to take on amount of slanderous and disruptive words packed nicely….

Today?s Republican Party is a freak show of hate-filled sociopaths, immoral faux-religious extremists, insecure, overcompensating, dangerously incompetent, war-mongering imperialists and greedy, exploitive corporate anarchists. Just look at the odious and inadequate carnival barkers and snake oil salesmen the Republican Party had competing to be their presidential candidate. Republicans tacitly welcome homophobes, misogynists, racists, anti-Semites and messianic fundamentalist nut jobs into their party and inherently incorporate their values into their moral fabric and political objectives. Being a child of poverty raised with four younger siblings by a single mom, I?ve never agreed with social conservatives, but


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