Intersection of the chosen ones and the supposed independence of modern art

The chosen one is interesting…Things will revolve around it, armies will ensure things encounter the singularity around the chosen ones. The supposed rationality that nuts and history MAs propagated is actually a maze of strategically placed chosen ones, one ineferior Macaulayite than the another…they say one superior and progressive than the other…The JNU history graduates are morons, they studied dirty stories of racial warfare as propagated by white man. Frauds and socialists use this path to gain power.

Intresting article about American political env :

Any less flattering words would make even former president clinton a racist. Forget about deep frauds.

In the cartoon episode, a lot of people supported the cartoons , with excuse that  it was done by a liberal organization – though none or few understood it until explained by the editor.[ Euphemistically all acknowledge that the sophosticated readers of that magazine understand it very well ]. It was surprising to find the so called art has independence from criticism even with such a terrorist gear cartoon…at least when done by selected organizations.

This brings to question of intersection of art and the radical left who would censor things other than by the chosen ones .

I think the respect for the art is because  humanity depts used this medium of art to experiment cultural revolution. They find , and correctly…that it has more potential than the dry rationals of revolution. It is difficult for ordinary people to escape art, when presented in their hide outs.

But art is not complementary to the aims of revolution…socialists would use art just until they can create violent images of society and flattering images of party and the chosen ones. Any violation would be punishable. I don’t think there is a lot of scope for  art to flamboyantly express itself under the chosen ones. I fail to see art as independent either.

I would like to see independence and reaction to art that criticizes the modern intellectuals. The communist reaction is known – they call it reactionary.


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