Criticize or Enjoy the previous post ?

[If you encounter this post, please read ahead if you have nothing else to do for today]

I thought I would criticize my previous post…Today I look back it, and it attempts to create a simillar reasoning  between degradation two far off villages and pretends as if the devil is in politics. Actually one village is taken over by Microsoft big people…The kind of people who can purchase few thousands like me…or my life time, by paying salaries.

But why it is so much about me…I have already made ‘me’ as focus in  the above paragraph – Where one comparison is made about the wealth . That is what may be materialism…It is not a denial of ‘me’, rather there is this arrogance where association of matter,  Memories of a water fall somehow start to  fly  and transcend in imagination, as if it was a ‘water raise’ instead of ‘water fall’.   Of course fall is as graceful as a raise, when it is appropriate…but the pretension of getting high  because of their association with the so called ‘me’ is a problem …Here associations are pretended to lift one up as if one is  a Mahatma.

This post is not about a denial of ‘me’, but it is about the implicit ego, where the ‘I’ tend to be enlightening by association with certain memory. The pretense of denial is also equally foolish . Probably criticizing the previous post would be denial.

Out of this confusion…Let us say….There is this mother earth…even on top of a hard rock or harded concrete one could stand and say Sri Rama.


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