Obama never asked about his ex-wife or his son…

It is bit emotional story…not because the fantatics filling in stadiums in elections…(I I think in the morning news papers today, it was mentioned that the left has withdrawn the support to ManMadam Singh’s govt…What cares right now ?), it is because just like the girls could  sleep besides the water in summer in a distant place called Mercer Island, simillarly in another part of the globe, there were villages where people could move around without the anxiety and crime perpetrated by the politicians. There was their little place that they called their own. And then their was a bigger universe…and it seems that is unravelling yet…people are becoming big.

 So there is this theory that Obama grand father  were attracted to communist teachers… They went to the world…their  daughter got pregnant at a teen age..She married…and here Obama Sr,  who once was talking big of the world and oppurtinities no  more asks about his wife and kids ! Obama Sr had forgotten this teen and beauty, who saw power in him….What happened ? This is the madness of the world. People get sucked into it.  Read the last line of the article below.


 This is another informative article :


 In Hawai, there were people  who had worked with Mao and were anti-semitic.


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