First time in Indian media ? -Anti semitism and Anti brahminism

Both of them have the same source – the christian religious view that originated from europe.
[ It is the Americans who stopped the massacre of jews .It is greatness of the west, that contempts slaughter of jews. West could as well have been like Pakisthanis who cleaned up 20% of the population who were hindus, and then cleaned up the Kashmiri valley, and then have renamed their missiles after the invaders].

It is the greatness of Indian intellectual institutions…..It may be a century or who knows ….For the first time an Indian weekly – that too outlook- that let this slip the obvious source of anti-semitism and anti-Brahmanism. But lets wait…the duty of the Indian intellectual is to salute the white man, in this case the author is a white man. That could be the significant reason why the article got published in Indian media.

In any case, for the first time I read somebody comparing the obvious, their source is the same:

Thanks to Shadow warrior blog entry from where I got the link:-


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