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The above is the link.

About the author: – This is by a person Lary, who has had mainstream media credibility in USA, a Hillary Clinton supporter. An unfair way would be describe that him as an anti-Obama guy. I see him a rather free wheeled American, who is convinced things may not be transparent. He merely sees Obama in a central position of this shift, and tries to oppose it.

The article :-

Somewhere within a lot of unreadable stuff, I blog had a confused posting on Chicago school issue long back. However, This person Larry – Has for the first time has put this thing in a readable and coherent way. I have been puzzled about this phenomena of marxist using education institutes since long, I knew the marxists are involved and I knew it was not good for education.[ This stuff is not new to USA or chicago]. But thats where I was lost.

Larry presents this phenomena as an way to build a political organization by controlling the money. The article is very detail on it.

I am sure the education is more involved and bigger than innovative way of building political organizations and controlling money in educational system. The Marxists essentially try to manufacture slaves, thats one of the reasons for their love of education. Marxists need to subvert education, like all other centrally coordinated organizations.

But thanks to the great article ….This is almost a first in the world. I was struggling to put some concrete words into this phenomena. Incomplete, but a very good first attempt to show the use of education and maoist violence.

That article has so many comments , here is the one that caught my attention – a leftist is using the word ‘peacenik’ – That is, no matter how much the Gandhians cover up the maoists, the maoists would attack the Gandhians viciously when they come to power.
Ayers and and the other violent factions ruined the peace movement and the so-called New Left.Comment by maoist leftist: Yes, their violence did SO much. I guess that meant that the other peaceniks, future centrists, future suburban sheep, and Reagancrats would have sold out at a SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWERRR pace.

    Lesson to christian fundamentalists

Don’t keep the snakes and hope that it would bite others all the time. The snake that was used to convert in distant lands and slander others has recoiled and is at your door step. Whatever Huckabee says for fear of being called a racist, The Anneberg effort means that there is another serious competitor.


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