One more…Clinton begging not to be called a racist

Clinton- a former president of United states, has almost been begging in last election cycle to not to be called a racist. But he has been shut up. Leave aside the sex, and I am not a Clinton fan for his destruction of serbia, but I have a feeling, he wouldn’t intentionally massacre or insult people. Inspite of leftist and Pakisthani propaganda, he acknowledged the massacre of a Kashmir village, rather than being threated by the terrorists, while he was in India. Meaning, Indian anglicized class were convinced that it was appropriate to condemn the terrorists instead of finding fault with Jagmohan

The fact is, Obama’s organization needed a little spark if they were to win the nomination. Obama was not a transcendental material ascetic, the following article discusses his relationship with radicals of the black community.

This is so obvious, Obama needed a little spark to accuse Clinton of a racist, a noise that could be used by the underground radicals to deliver votes for Obama. But the causality is a former president of USA, who has been declared as a racist.

It is interesting, because the same thing has been duplicated elsewhere. Professors of IIT and Head of NITIE could be prosecuted by complain of a grade-4 employee! Casteist ! ( The professor was later declared innocent, but he left the job) . Political parties win power just by talking randomly on caste ! I am convinced it is the same kind of organizational structure, that works here, the same ideologies work at both the places.

Now I love politics. I have respect for all those robotic comrades who have placed themselves at better positions…. This is nothing about the dalit politics….One of my Brahmin friends released a book on nationalism, I was in attendance where hinduism was negated, communists were guests of honour …, I cheered like a robot from the audience, before getting out of that situation….

I thought politicians are stuck in old secularism. No, they are not. The supposed new left have non-linier formulations, and they have experimented in India when non of the secular sociologist bastards could fanthom it…we had to imagine that there is an european doing this, that the maoist movement is funded from canada has been a foot note in sabha blog. However Many NRI oppurtinists know it…Amartya Sens are thugs, though I am convinced these are not Amartya Sens’s original initiative…his formulations are rather old style. I haven’t come across any of Amartya Sen material as sophisticated as these neo-maoist operations.


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