The pretense in politics – This time in Am politics

So why this guy is reading American politics…if the odd visitor to this blog wonders…

Since about a decade, the delhi news papers considered a club soccer game in europe – unknown to 99% Indians as important news to be published prominently in Indian news papers. The pretense has been shed …a local news has been important when it is ‘right’ and ‘justifiable’…Few know more than the idea of existence maoists exists…Communism may exist…where as maoists are killing 2/3 people everyday, and that include policemen and administration mechanism that rules us.
The ‘right’ and ‘justifiable’, to put it in context, are the sensitivity of a hypothetical white colonial man from imperial europe. The local right is wrong. Kids are more familiar with descriptions of snow than heat, they look to berries and more than half of local fruits amd insects appear to have foreign and strange names.

There is no fun in re-reading assertions of what is right by the imperial left . Thanks to internet, I read Am news / Sometimes London news papers and, predict what our anglicized intellectuals would consider morally right in tomorrow’s Indian news papers

Alright, found an interesting article…

This is a new chapter in American public discourse. Previously, there was pretense of some importance to publicly pronounced words. Publicly you couldn’t cheat people and one was not supposed to stick words for at least a short time. This has been aiming towards Indian standards now..The public discourse in supposedly democratic light post as been so subverted by leftists that, so many things that was uttered has had a opposite meaning 1- The public campaign finance money. 2- The rhetoric on wars is missing. 3- The unity meant historical racial analysis.

I suspect, The role of academics in politics has ensured some academic sanctity has come to political levels.


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