Relying on xenophobes and fanatics…

Sometimes blog posts at a remote in net has expressions that is difficult to find in main stream news. I got few lines from such a blog post. The said blog post was concern of US politics shifting to far left, different than my focus here as discussed below.

For long we wondered why or How America could have supported Pakistan while 300 K hindus were slaughtered by the Islamic terrorists in Kashmir and Hindus were cleansed from Bangladesh. I have learnt the word “antalatic” from Rajeev’s posts and have researched in spare time to western thought and philosophy. Simple answers, however, have been eluding.

One answer that I found on this blog post is about Jimmi carter – This guy who pretends like Gandhi actually has financed islamic extremists in Afghanistan. The sentence with which I identified is : They managed to drag the Soviet Union into a Vietnam like quagmire, because the Soviet had no idea of the degree these murderers were enjoying Carter’s patronage.. This is exactly what happened in the maoist movements in India – None appreciated the western support.

The Support of American and Canadian left – not only to provide theories of 19th century colonial racism in terms of fake stories of aryan dravidan fighting, straight out of Harvard, but organizations receiving Canadian money to guide making web sites for maoists.

Indian journalists were lured by the anglicized class, the ones who opposed these dumb graduates of fake history and skull measurement sociology were targeted comprehensively by the news papers. A big thing – they were even supported by the holy grail – NY Times supported the colonial 19th century racial narratives to describe India in early 2000s. They published 3 articles that supported the racial structure as scientific one, along with this racial structure came all the divisive politics that european colonists attempted before. Boston globe published atleast one article with references to imaginary races, and hence imaginary race fightings that supposedly happened 3000 years back ! A south indian state is ruled by a party whose philosophy is manufactured race grievance starting from a mythical sociological war

This narrative of race is being used by the extreme left to create maoist violence with a supposedly historical grievance. Nepal has already gone under Chinese rule – for practical purposes. Now the Chinese military can direct stuff there. The supposedly ‘progressives’ who were fighting for the ‘poor’ through loss of life of more than tens of thousands, had their first task to assault the cultural ceremony of that country – The ouster of king ( As a reference, the Queen is not an economic disaster in civilized Britain), the description of the country as ‘secular’.

Here is one line that could be yet another possible conclusion if Chinese supported maoists gain more power:-

Relying on xenophobes and fanatics to destroy Afghanistan’s chance of social progress, has brought us to where we are now – back into Tora Bora, following on the footsteps of Carter’s legitimization of unrestrained Islamic cockiness

. The maoist ideologues who support extremists of all variety like to destroy the independent media, gain control over independent population by instituting affirmative action and increasing govt and party control over the population. In India no body knows how much is the affirmative in a particular situation – it depends on the whim of an administrator. In spite of that we have atleast half a dozen reported slaughters by maoists, terrorists almost every day.
India is no Afganisthan. It had the cultural power to match the west in academics, if that power is diverted to maoism, maoists would gain world wide currency – including in west.


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