Fear of People -> People’s politics ?

If Marx sacked the peasants as potatoes, he mentioned only one aspect.

There is this NGO for which 25+ years volunteers coming to collect money. They come with documents saying it feeds and schools kids, the documents have facade of being professional. Pretty sympathetic stuff, with records maintained, it is difficult to deny them .

I had my first suspicion that the 25 year olds usually don’t work as professionally as these guys in profession begging. I had some begging experience in my college days during a natural disaster, but we seemed like college kids. There was defiance and incoherence in the whole thing that we did. Similar is feeling towards 20 groups who come all the year to collect money, they are youthful. But here there was forced justification and professionalism in begging, the 25+ years comfortable at the begging as a professional job. This was odd.

Therefore sometimes sometimes I browse through the documents that they carry, to understand this change of culture. Once I found an attack on Brahmins, and religious opinion on Budhism. The volunteers knew my caste, they tried to hide that paper. Therefore they knew what they were doing.

Fast forward 3 years, now I pay them a token amount. This years their volunteers were brand knew, from their face, I was sure it was not their own cause. So I asked them their relationship with the organization. This time I got an honest answer – They were working as journalists for the owner of that organization. So the owner is into newspaper publishing – by newspaper it means having a chunk of political pressure.

And this political pressure they were creating by extracting sympathy ? Well, I am sure these people are maoists or at least communists or may be a christian group. The owner of the organization is a former Brahmin.

I remember the eagerness of early volunteer beggars, they tended towards being patronizing for their act of ‘help’. Now their group has a website, and it lists its members as social workers. Not a single word on the news paper or the school. It is all about membership of still greater patrons. All this focus, interest in delivering information, opinion, religious ideas, philosophy was missing on agenda when these groups were begging. Of course they don’t have any expertise on these subjects either, except probably a desire to be controlling people by binding them as messagers.

Secret attack on Brahmins is usually a symptom of people’s politics. Looking as closely, the leftists/eurocentrists disturb the human mind just enough to be bound with their opportunistic network. The collective disturbance then portrayed as interest groups of identities. Here individual supporters of such organizations experience hallunciation of utopia, past and future. This hallunciation is no desirable. Consequently the disturbance to human mind for binding humans to opportunistic and progressive organizations is undesirable. Could people disturbing human mind so as to bind them to be on their opportunistic party networks out of fear, fear of people ? Fear of free people and uncertainty ?


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