Spindian express shut down by Google

Here is the link from Chennai Based Chinese news paper

The spindian express was a creative blog, that criticized the Indian express every day. Even Mr Faker Gupta may be acknowledging that he has been partisan political operative, just put it in better terms to sound him ‘good’. When Mumbai train got blasted, Mr Faker Gupta justified it saying the blasted bogeys had upper caste Gujjus ( If Mulayams , Lallus and socialists of the world start praising him, let us remember that the upper caste is misleading, he may have meant Mulayam’s caste-targeted votebank ). In USA , Mr Faker Gupta may have suffered the fate of Rev Wright – whose chicken were coming to roost after 9/11. However here google decides to kill the spindianexpress blog.

Even in colonial days when British were ruling us, many successfully objected class warfare ideas, even though some were jailed. I find people like Sri Aurobindo had objected to fundamental constructions of colonial linguistics, though such people were thrown away from National center stage, Sri Aurobindo was called an ‘extremist’ by the leftists and british. I am not comparing spindianexpress with giants like Sri Aurobindo, but essentially Sekhar Gupta has misused his position as a news paper editor by being partitan to a derogatory class analysis view. How else one can justify the attack on Mumbai business men ? Somebody has to criticize these people, and one can’t criticize the foundations of communism, imperialism in mainstream press. They never criticized still extant skull measurement practices of pre-1950 era, which has been subscribed by the socialists as a credible explanation of history.

Is Google going to decide whether Sekhar Gupta’s view of class analysis and other biases are the final truth ? Following is google’s explanation:

We, Google Inc. have permanently removed the blog previously at http://www.spinindianexpress.blogspot.com as it is believed it contained defamatory content. We regret the inconvenience caused by not working towards resolving this matter more expeditiously.”

This clearly is a slippery slope. At least Google should disclose the truth – the pressure brought upon itself and its business alliance that killed the spindian express.


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