The corpse as christian god ( Imitating CNN )

For more than a century western intellectuals have deceptively been hostile to India. Consider the article:

[ following tries to use the word ‘corpse god’ to criticize western use of monkey god. Please evaluate how that sounds.]

What is odd that I never read in CNN about how millions go to a church of “corpse god” ( instead of monkey god, in western country, and how the followers of “corpse god” send their jehadis to convert people by slandering them on their face.

If western majority majority would be worshiping anything other than corpse or dry ideas, after centuries of unparalleled access, west should have understood about god, the monkey and the corpse.

Incidentally, the hinduism has similar argument as the christianity when they explain worshiping a corpse – they announce a dead corpse as a symbolical relationship between god and son. Why can’t then one understand a better story of Sri Rama Bhakt ?. It appears these finest stories matter less to a lot in west. They have been more famous for money, power and war.

Lord save us

Jai Hanuman.


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