New ideas of christianity ?

During colonial days, a christian pader was throwing insulting words to the hindus in one of their important religious places, If I apply his saying to christianity, this pader went to Rome to declare Jesus Christ is fraud or devil….

Lets check one aspect of the church, because it is being argued that fundamentally will of the pader is tied to the will of the church. He follows church’s instruction.  The church talks of god, but for centuries it has secretly wished the world and its own growth. Conversion is one of its tools and supreme arguments- The church has spread racial slander about India through out the colonial period.

Now the paders – he acts as an agent of the church, sending conversion reports. He makes himself insenstive to spread slander on civillizations, sometimes acting as a traitor to his own former civillization, if church asks him to do so. In return, organizational power of the  church validates that his acts are godly acts, and rest all are fraud. This is what the pader was doing in the hindu religious place….slandering the hindu religion.

So a brahmin  joined argument with this pader,  the Brahmin points some tasks the  pader doesn’t do in name of god, therefore how ineligible he was in such matters of debate on religion .  The pader would never have appreciated this argument, because his will was bound and  synchronized  with the  imperial organizational structure of the church.  It is not bound with god. The Pader would follow the will of a mundane organization called church , even preach politics- and thats the god to him, he accepts no more god. Therefore  sending slanderous conversion reports is an godly act for the christian pader. It is godly for him to hizack Indian by spreading racial slanderous stories in powerful west.

So far fine….

But here is a slanderous appropriation by a convert…He talks of will of god. Now what happens to the will of church ? Wouldn’t the church act god anymore ? I had another post on Rangnathan’s – a hindu convert –  source of arguments…This guy is making big name among christians…. This ‘will of god’ is so fundamental, [ in a different language, understanding  fof hinduism ] , if he is from a Brahmin familly. If his parents were Brahmin in those orthodox days, then they would have made their beloved son an untouchable for few minutes in his own family, if will of god was  of violated in matters of god.

I have no issues arguing with christianity…It is logically incoherent that that  organizational structure  can bind ‘will of god’. That day human will be unnecessary. Therefore one doesn;t know what they would feed on or destroy to adjust this.

But yes, Implication of Rangarajan’s will of god argument mean that the church should disband itself as an imperial structure controlled by Rome run like an organization from dollar rich countries.


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