Justice or dictatorship of courts ?

A sensible concern on the courts using the power of the state to force irrationality and long held cultural preference…People are scared because it is california – it controls the global culture more than the collective power of mullahs.


It is just that some nuts are convinced about their superiority, and right to lord over automation called humans.

Imperial powers have unleashed this stuff on Indian since centuries…they have redefined adored and respect traditional concepts in such terms that the Indian would rather avoid…. …

Consider the redefinition of marriage in California  case….A teaching could be  sued of discrimination and hate if they talk about marriage and traditional family as the way people used to talk- love and marriage of a fairy prince and a princess would be questionable. It would be really difficult to give a graphic picture that the prince was biased against the beauty of male for such matters as marriage. The princess would be reduced to a  whore when when she is compared with  a rowdy(lovely)  homosexual in competition to  win the prince. Such is the power of redefinition, people may get scared of fairy tell prince and princess stories.

The west rejoiced when Indian priests could be vilified by such redefinition, they redefined India as a specter of racial warfare,  their religion was described by JNU history thugs (and colonial greedy touts called  scholars in  west…)as stories of migration …with the Brahmin as an immigrant to Tamilnadu and elsewhere.

Now there is a potential  specter of hatredness and boon for activists …each family  could be described as a  potential bias and hate against the homo sexuals .


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