Volumes and Volumes of Skull

I was reading this article:http://www.salon.com/books/review/2008/05/19/loving_china/ .

There are volumes and volumes books on discovery in China.

Another historical country in the modern age of History is India. What did our colonists give us ? Volumes and Volumes of skull and race !! Invaders from Germany…these days it is Aryan tourists…who invaded and fought endless wars in each state, caste and family…For hundred years the west recognized us in that image, we were raised in that image…to criticize the Brahmin, the Bharat, the Village, agriculture, serenity, peace, the hindu communities.

Who are we looking to ?

One of the ideas of modernity that crushed our understanding was the selective application of right based analysis…a last resort, a sledge hammer that was applied to dirty and hindu browns at the outset( Thanks to the cambridge educated liberals). They got a lot of sycophants who saw money in being associated with all things west – including their religion.[ Amartya Sens are expert in providing the selective right based analysis to fellow nuts in humanity and welfare economics dept – err the intellectuals ].

I read about a sample sycophant today [ ref- SAM- may-19].  they had made an women’s NGO in a prominent place in 3rd tier city. The head of the NGO is a principal of a ladies college. That idiot, Mr  Naik,  raped the lady in charge of this NGO for women’s consolation, and later promised him to accept his as his wife ( How ? wouldn’t it be illegal). Later he managed to get resignation from this lady, who had no where to go. The lady, Mrs Panda found that this was a regular happening in women’s right NGO – lady who  was supposed to help women, got  violated. Now this lady exploited, jumped in front of a train line to end her life.

I cam imagine these concerned director of NGO ( who had money, sex, power) giving lectures on how rest are not respecting humanity, and possibly insulting local hindus on orthodoxy of religion.


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