Understanding the socialist?

The socialists wanted to display their empathy….they found the rusting gandhians, comrades got together to show how good they have been in understanding human empathy and suffering [ This has been the do-gooders first line of opening… to redefine human priorities vis-a-visThe orthodox indian – orthodox indian..incidentally had experienced suffering through colonialization, attacks all through ]. But this was merely a smoke screen. Church uses this aspect to gain conversion. Even the empire used it to perpetuate the empire and its rules…They show empathy, but these rocky rationals actually use it as a political opening and work towards managing the other aspect of humans. Rational is a smoke screen for these humanitarians, it is a theory of empathy backed by fire of the socialist …a political and material theory of empathy that gives the humanist to earn power and money by automating the sympathy management – automating through money and power. For many Rationalists, and most compulsive sickularists(p-secs), it is not about science.

The revolutionary can’t distinguish between the rational – his fire breathing shield, and the other aspects of humanity…to him these two aspects are are equal..however this is not the best one could aspire from a human. Therefore socialists are generally degraded, though years of useless sociology and marxist propaganda called education, has endowed a lot of these individuals to fluency in arguments.

How not to lose to the socialist or other liberation theologies?

  • Empathy management is a rational tool, but they will try to create and manage a hole of suffering. Don’t allow the socialist or liberation theologists to manage the ‘suffering’, they themselves will get into that to hide their their corrupt means.
  • When the above is not possible politically ( Only occasionally the socialists are scared of Nazibullah – former Afgan president type fate) , don’t let the socialist and european liberation theologists to fire from the pit, manage him to bring out to open…The dirty ones attack, like Bhisma was attacked…by Keeping Sikhandi in the front. Once the dirty socialist gets into his pit, he would defeat many a great warriors. Be very careful to fight the socialist when he is in the hole. [This is why the communists power brokers need women and poor in the initial phases – though they can attack these very species, as they do to poor in tibet and in case of dissent ]
  • The socialist or the european liberation theologists doesn’t fight on basis of his arguments. He has appropriated a lot and is still looking ways to change it. He understands the fire , the one that even backs the dirty arguments of skull measurement. Help him showing the stuff he likes to feed on, he would grow. The socialist is equal…. he would attack his friends and the Gandhians – rusting people who saw a new life in pleasantry of goodness.

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