Post racial candidate, Fact free extemists, Post secular possibilitie

his is a funny use .

“The fact-free extremists who brought us the invasion of Iraq haven’t gone anywhere and are busy trying to exert their influence before this administration ends.

There have been posts in this blog on assertion of objective truth (vs other things). The fact-free seems to be conforming the uses of objective truth…like sugar free tea.

It was highlight of the article


In the context of US politics, there is this “post-racial” candidate who is getting 90% Black votes. There is no presumption of racial politics, for this population is supposed to act automatically ( even upto 90%), like a rigid body, when it comes to voting for the presidential politics. This is a particular interpretation of  idea of post and progress that progressives follow, where the previous was race – fighting, the theoritical basis on which Europeans constructed Indian history.

The destruction of cultures have been based on this post racial egalitarian concept…a  dynamic system often contempted as ossified, partisan and unequal while another interpretation remains untouched, unquestioned and  allowed to grow as a process of destiny.

This is a strange sense of justice…Here  is a mention of  pledge about  fate of justice, when the quest is strong. The dreams of Indians were never understood…either through the description of  savages or barbarians. They have been a ghetto…and that may be because of their fate of being defeated by nothing but ghettos.

Minor show of the march of this objective progress…. I sympathize with Ms clinton …

  • She is  racist ( clinton had choosed Harlem for his office …what a fate!) :

  • Clinton is the damsel of distress:

  • She is dangerous:

  • This dangerous and distressed damsel,  who practices the same old wretched politics  is advised to stop negative campaigning:

Indian politicians need to be aware of it…specially those who are fighting the progressives congress and communists.Marxists are universal…their history and progress  is class and race struggle. Congress has Gandhi as the additional compromise

Post secular ?

Secularism is often viewed as a whole lot of unknown weight that holds things at its place.  In a post modern world, the post racial could turn it around to post-secularism…this is a vast unknown and it is an imminent reason to stay away from the  “faith”, the “blindness” aspects of secularism…it would be changed by the progressives when they have enough in the basket.


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