A humanistic idea/_theology of Liberation and religion

This liberation theology has been in news since Wright controversy.

I think this is very interesting in India…

  • Hinduism has been vandalized by the secularists( Marxists and their dalit ideologies, supported by the church) using similar ideas that is used by Black liberation theology to have Black Jesus. However Bengali converts may find a white jesus more civillized. The Dravidian racists may find their match and liberation in white jesus.
  • This thing has been refuted by the the head of Christianity: http://www.christendom-awake.org/pages/ratzinger/liberationtheol.htm

Henceforth, would the church be secular ? Would the marxist now trash the christians as they do to hindus in text books ? The contradiction for them would be christians are white people in any case… just like the imperialists of europe.

  • There has been Christian support to maoists…it has been reported variously how ‘ priests’ have supported these violent moments by throwing accusation on hindus….The dravidian racists have manufactured their barbarian race – Hamites ( Negroes, ready for slaves)., and they argue religious matters in terms of the manufactured race of dravidianism. Now that the “chickens are roosting” in terms of a black Jesus, would the church ditch support for the dravidian narrative?

I would be very happy of the churchians drop the aggressive vandalization and conversion ideas.


Following is very poorly assembled …essentially it was trying to collect a list of arguments to check what is going on….This what pointed to this special branch of theology, which is being refused.



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  1. I do not disagree with you..

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