Beyond skull sizes and Aryan invasions

Here is a guy, who thinks Erwin Schrödinger  knew a different perception of Hinduism than mass attacks by the Aryan Hordes:

So understanding that physics can only go so far — that there are many things it can’t explain — is ultimately a mystical position?

That’s correct. These are brilliant writings. They’re really quite extraordinary. Not many people realize that Erwin Schrödinger, the founder of quantum mechanics, had a deep satori experience. He found that the position that most matched his own was Vedantic Hinduism — that pure awareness is aware of all objects but cannot itself become an object. It’s the way into the door of realizing ultimate reality. Werner Heisenberg had similar experiences. And Sir Arthur Eddington was probably the most eloquent of the lot. All of them basically said that science neither proves nor disproves emptiness.


I am sure the sickularist can’t understand any of this, and would ruin his day, when informed of the fact that Schroedinger  had a different experience. It would however be nice to find out the reaction of Indian socialists, by informing that schrodinger had made waves out of rigid bodies..and whether that could be a conspiracy and  pseudo science compared to skull measured sociology or marxist political science….


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